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5 Content Creators Dominating the #EduTok Scene

Since 2019, content creators have been using the #EduTok trend as a way to share their knowledge and democratize learning. As the name suggests, #EduTok is a portmanteau of “education” and “TikTok,” and has helped make education more accessible and engaging than ever before. This is especially true for younger audiences who may not be drawn to traditional classroom settings or spend increasing time getting their information from social media.

Through #EduTok, content creators are sharing their knowledge on a wide range of topics, from science and math to history and language learning. They use creative and entertaining methods to engage their audience, such as using humor, animation, or catchy songs. This approach, coupled with TikTok’s short-form video format not only makes learning fun but also helps to break down complex concepts into more digestible pieces, making education more accessible to a wider audience.

In general, #EduTok is a trend that’s proving that audiences are inclined to pay more attention to shorter, more creative forms of learning–an important lesson to learn for anyone with a message that hopes to effectively make an impact.

1. Atty. Tony Roman (@attytonyroman)

With a growing following of 1.9 million, Atty. Tony Roman has established himself as an expert passionate about making the law accessible and understandable to all with short and to the point videos. His videos cover a wide range of topics, from what legal action you can take when your neighbor’s dog bites you, to whether you can file a case against a teacher that might be harassing you

2. Ayn Bernos (@aynperotagalog)

One look at her profile will tell you that Ayn is committed to teaching her followers better language skills. Aside from teaching them how to properly pronounce difficult words, she also gives more in-depth grammar lessons, and provides tips to help improve her viewers’ public speaking skills. She also responds to many of her followers’ questions to ensure her followers improve their English every day. 

3. Don Soriano (@don.soriano)

Don is an entrepreneur using his platform to teach his followers about crucial skills needed for Filipinos who want to get into business and help further the Philippines’ economy. He shares business strategies, success stories, and general wisdom that he finds helpful, and even has a free mentorship program for anyone who wants to start their own business.

4. Dave Graciadas (@thedavevisuals)

Unlike most of the others on this list, Dave usually employs a “show, don’t tell” approach to teaching his followers. His videos focus on sharing different photography techniques or “pegs” for his followers to try, opting to show how he employs a certain technique rather than explaining it too in-depth. When he does take the time to break down a certain lesson, it’s on more practical topics like the current best photo editing app, or the importance of learning different lighting styles.

5. Raymor Cuevas (@raymorcuevas)

As TikTok Philippines’ top EduCreator of 2022, Raymor’s videos share information about space and astronomical phenomena, among other things. While he mostly discusses topics relating to science, he was able to gain a large following by creating content on simple questions that may make anyone who stumbles upon his videos want to stay to find out more. This includes things like where squid ink comes from and whether an earthquake can be felt midair

By leveraging the power of social media and technology, content creators use #EduTok to  make education more accessible and engaging for everyone. The trend’s success not only speaks to the potential of TikTok as a means to make education more accessible, but also to this generation’s interest and passion for learning. 

Tapping into #EduTok as a tool to reach new audiences is crucial in introducing foreign but interesting concepts to viewers, especially considering how the trend allows learning to take different forms. With this, content creators have the power to marry entertainment and education, which are key to getting a message out to an increasingly video-first audience.

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