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Brand Performance Analysis

Feel the pulse of the conversation around your brand.

With coverage benchmarking, know how you measure up against your competitors in terms of media coverage and mentions. We consider the collective sentiment surrounding these conversations and determine your brand’s performance based on the narrative you’re presenting and its positioning in your audience’s minds.

Get access to our custom dashboard. View key data points like summaries presented through interactive graphs. Receive weekly, monthly and annual media analytics reports, and enable your team to make strategic decisions for your brand.

Benchmark how effective your marketing strategies are compared to your competitors through media monitoring.

Know what’s being said about you and how your brand is portrayed on traditional and social media.

Be one step ahead of the competition and stay on top of the narratives that are most relevant to you.

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Photo of Enya Reyes. Enya is the Managing Director of M2 Communications, a PR firm and communications agency in the Philippines

Enya Reyes

Managing Partner

Photo of Rica Oquias. Rica is the Chief Operations Officer of M2.0 Communications, a communications agency, and public relations firm in the Philippines.

Rica Oquias

Chief Operations Officer​

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