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Telling meaningful stories

Make real impact, not just noise—this is what we believe.
Our multidisciplinary teams come together to measure the variables and design messages particular to each audience.

What makes something



Here at M2.0 Communications, we believe that there’s more than one way to tell a story. PR has always been about getting something out there to be seen and heard.

It all comes down to one thing—how much of it is worth telling? If there’s one constant thing we experience every day, it’s change. Communication practices never stay the same. To keep up and stand out from the noise of it all, we need to explore new ways to tell meaningful narratives. That’s something we can help you with. 

Data has always been at the core of what we do. Unlike other communications agencies, we make sure that our storytelling strategies adopt an evidence-based approach. We don’t just say things on a whim. Everything is supported by an analytical approach that considers all factors. FGDs, surveys, on-site research, data analytics, and digital listening tools allow us to innovate as storytellers in an ever-evolving industry as we aim to bring out the best in your brand.

We go above and beyond the typical narrative. M2.0 is focused on telling meaningful data-driven stories alongside building the best communications team in the Philippines. This is our story, what’s yours?

Taking part in the global story

As a member of the Public Relations Organisation International,  we are a PR agency in the Philippines that partners with firms from around the world to help our clients make a mark in the global playing field.

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