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Media Monitoring

Understand the key factors that sway attitudes on your brand and industry.

Understand the key factors that sway attitudes
on your brand and industry.

We collect, filter, analyze, and report data gathered from broadcast media outlets and their mentions of your brand, even when the source material is not inherently digital. We monitor different publications, news outlets, blogs, product or service review platforms, print media, TV, and radio broadcasts.

We then analyze relevant communication pieces that directly or indirectly mention you and whether or not these affect your brand perception positively or negatively. We also track authors, journalists, key opinion leaders, entities, and institutions who impact your brand and your industry. We consolidate these data points to help you create action plans that fulfill your PR objectives.


Receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports on the news stories that are related to your brand.

Know what’s being said about you and how your brand is portrayed in traditional media.

Know how much coverage you’re receiving in the news. Get into the nitty gritty and see which authors and publications are talking about you.

Measure how much coverage you’re getting compared to your competitors, and see whether your marketing strategies are actually working.

Track your mentions and the amount of coverage you’re receiving on television and radio.

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Photo of Enya Reyes. Enya is the Managing Director of M2 Communications, a PR firm and communications agency in the Philippines

Enya Reyes

Managing Partner

Photo of Rica Oquias. Rica is the Chief Operations Officer of M2.0 Communications, a communications agency, and public relations firm in the Philippines.

Rica Oquias

Chief Operations Officer

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