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Social Listening Reports

Comb through countless social media posts across major platforms.

Beyond vanity metrics that seem like the benchmark for engagement, we are more concerned with a qualitative assessment of your brand’s relevant social media conversations. Our AI-backed social listening tools offer a clearer picture of how your audience perceives you.

We look at what people have said and analyze the tone and sentiment of these messages across major social media platforms to obtain and measure meaningful insights.

Maximize your reach by knowing which social media platforms you should focus your marketing efforts on.

Know how much coverage you’re receiving on social media. Get into the nitty gritty and see which online users are talking about you on what platforms.

Measure how often you’re being mentioned on social media compared to your competitors, and see whether your marketing strategies are actually working.

Know what’s being said about you and how your brand is portrayed on social media.

We've worked with

Logo | Greenpeace | Client
UNICEF Philippines | PR Agency Client

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Photo of Enya Reyes. Enya is the Managing Director of M2 Communications, a PR firm and communications agency in the Philippines

Enya Reyes

Managing Director

Photo of Rica Oquias. Rica is the Chief Operations Officer of M2.0 Communications, a communications agency, and public relations firm in the Philippines.

Rica Oquias

Chief Operations Officer

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