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Data & Analytics

Stop reacting and start leading. Hear what your audience is saying about you and your competitors. Survey the collective sentiment—and act accordingly.

Brand Performance Analysis

  • Coverage Benchmarking
  • Tone & Sentiment Analysis
  • Narrative Analysis
  • Trend Analysis

Media Monitoring

  • Online & Print Media Tracking
  • Tone & Sentiment Tracking
  • Volume of Mentions
  • Share of Voice TV & Radio Monitoring

Social Listening

  • Social Media Reach
  • Volume of Mentions
  • Share of Voice
  • Tone & Sentiment Tracking


Brand Performance Analysis

Feel the pulse of the conversation around your brand. Track real-time perception using AI-enhanced media analytics reports to track behavior and predict trends.

With coverage benchmarking, know how you measure up against your competitors in terms of media coverage and mentions. Our PR agency considers the collective sentiment surrounding these conversations and determine your brand’s performance based on the narrative you’re presenting and its positioning in your audience’s minds.

Have special access to our client-facing dashboard with key data summaries presented through visualizations. Receive weekly, monthly and annual reports that enable you to make streamlined strategic decisions for your brand.


Media Monitoring

Know the relevant broadcast institutions and key opinion leaders that sway attitudes on your brand and on your industry. Maneuver PR strategy by analyzing Story Value, Author Score, and Publication Score.

Our communications agency collects, filters, analyzes, and reports data gathered from broadcast media outlets and their mentions of your brand, even when the source material is not inherently digital. We utilize media monitoring tools to keep track of different publications, news outlets, blogs, product or service review platforms, print media, TV, and radio broadcasts.

We then analyze relevant communication pieces that directly or indirectly mention you and whether or not these affect your brand perception positively or negatively. We also track authors, journalists, key opinion leaders, entities, and institutions who impact your brand and your industry. We consolidate these data points to help you create action plans that fulfill your PR objectives.


Social Listening

Use social listening tools to comb through billions of daily social media posts across major platforms. Find out what people say about your brand on social.

Beyond vanity metrics that seem like the benchmark for engagement, we are more concerned with a qualitative assessment of your brand’s relevant social media conversations. Our AI-backed solutions offer a clearer picture of how your audience perceives you.

M2.0 looks at what people have said, and analyze the tone (upon delivery) and sentiment (upon reception) of these messages across major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to obtain and measure meaningful results.

See what the numbers say about you.