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Content Creation: Why is it Important to Your Business?

By: Renzo Guevara

content creation

The content you make presents what your business is all about, how it thinks, and how it operates. All these are factors that potential clients consider. Learn, ideate, and then create. 

First impressions are everything.

Establishing a brand name requires gaining the trust of your audience. Simple pop-up advertisements and other conventional marketing practices don’t quite cut it anymore. Creating consistent and interesting content is a great way to position yourself as someone who can be reliable and insightful in whatever industry you chose to do.

You can have the best services or products in the world and no one will ever find out because you have nothing to show for it. While relying on business connections and word-of-mouth from your existing clients can be a good strategy that would require less manpower and resources, it’s not always a guarantee.

Content can come in various forms. Written, visual, audio, creative portfolios, etc. They are in a way, a less boring version of a business card.

Think of it like your business is trying to make new friends at a party. If your sociable companion leaves you alone, you’re just stuck in a corner watching everyone else talk to each other. But, if you go out of your way to try and initiate interesting conversations, you’ll soon be forming your own connections.

Lead the conversation.

Content is king. What makes it all the better is that it is designed to attract people rather than interrupt them. It all starts with pinpointing what people find interesting at the moment. Develop the narrative that you want to tell, and establish thought leadership with your outputs.

There is always something to talk about. What’s the latest trend in any given industry? Do you want to touch on a particular topic that might be interesting to a target audience? Is there a possible deep-dive that can be done to discuss something? Maybe it would be great if you could talk about a project that your team recently finished?

More often than not, when someone stumbles upon a company that they’re not all that familiar with, the first question would be “what do they do?”. Reading the “about us” portion can only give so much. The real value comes in the form of what the company constantly talks about

Why? It adds a layer of authenticity to the brand. When developing content, “what value does this give?” should always be the question in mind. Whether it be trying to educate or to entertain. The viewer is already investing their time and attention towards you. Make sure it is worthwhile.

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Good variety leads to credibility

The great thing about content is that it does not have a singular template to follow. The more creative you get, the better the output will be. The best content pipelines out there are the ones that come in multiple forms.

Quality and quantity should always be considered. Not only does this produce a healthy lineup of content for your audience to consume on a regular basis, it can also drive your creative team to be more prolific at what they do.

Consider the use of case studies. When your company finishes a project that you believe you can be proud of, the best thing to do is to tell its story. At the end of the day, it’s all about telling a story. One that will entice, excite, and convince people that this is worth their attention.

A basic narrative follows a three-act structure—the beginning, middle, and end. The same can be applied to case studies—the challenge, what were the proposed solutions, and how was it all executed? When the process of a project is articulated well in a case study, it can make potential clients feel more comfortable partnering up with your company.

Feeling a little bit more conversational? Blogs are a great way to talk about virtually anything really. As long as the topics being discussed and the tonality of how it is written remains consistent with your brand’s voice. Blogs inject a little bit more creativity and personality into your brand. Every time someone clicks on your blogs, you are instilling some form of name recognition.

It’s worth mentioning that all of these aren’t tied to a written format. For example, case studies can be turned into video docuseries and blogs can be converted into video essays.

And last but most definitely not the least, content is a catalyst for SEO. Including relevant keywords in your writing benefits visibility. When someone searches those keywords in a search engine, your website has a chance to pop up on the first page of results which is ideal since no one really goes beyond the first page most of the time.

When you are able to build up a diverse library of quality content, your brand will be at the top of people’s minds when it comes to the point that they are in need of your products and services.

Leave a strong lasting impression. You don’t leave a party without forming connections and expecting that someone will contact you right after. Drive attention to your business with content that is worth paying attention to.

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