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Boosting the Beauty of Brazil: An Engaging Social Media Campaign


The Brazilian Embassy approached M2.0 Communications to boost the image of Brazil not just as a tourist destination but also as a country with a rich cultural heritage, delicious food, and vibrant language. Despite the increasing number of Brazilians visiting the Philippines for work and leisure, the embassy has noticed a lack of reciprocal interest among Filipinos toward Brazil.

M2.0 Communications’ expertise in marketing and promotions was needed to create a more positive perception of Brazil and encourage Filipinos to learn more about its beauty. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between the two countries and strengthen their bilateral relationships through increased cultural exchange and tourism.


M2.0 Communications identified two major obstacles that prevented Filipinos from considering Brazil as their travel destination. The first issue was the intimidating high cost and travel time. The team estimated that a one-way flight to Brazil can go up to as high as PHP 180,000 for one person. Additionally, the flight duration was around 30 hours. For any individual, this was too much of a time commitment.

The second issue was related to COVID-19. Many people were concerned about traveling during the pandemic and the risks associated with it. To address these concerns, the team developed a key message: “Brazil will be here when you’re ready.” This message aimed to reassure Filipinos that Brazil was a beautiful and safe destination, and they could plan their trip when they felt comfortable.

The team at M2.0 Communications executed a social media campaign by setting up a new Facebook page that showcased the culture of Brazil. This was done in order to separate from the existing Brazilian Embassy Facebook page that was dedicated to consular affairs. The team also designed a logo specifically for the campaign and developed several design collaterals like Facebook covers and monthly social cards.

The team produced around 20 social cards every month, each highlighting different aspects of Brazilian life such as its culture, food, and festivals. They also launched paid media campaigns to boost engagement and have a solid base of page followers. Additionally, the team is planning to engage with influencers and partner companies to further promote the campaign.


In just over 2 months, the “Olá, we are Brazil” Facebook page has already accumulated 5,000 likes and over 611,000 impressions. The campaign was a resounding success, and the results were evident.

Monthly posts featuring different cultural aspects of Brazil receive consistent engagement. These include various creative images and animated GIFs showing food, personalities, notable places, holidays, cultural beliefs, etc. 

Scrolling through the “Olá, we are Brazil” Facebook page will paint a colorful picture of what it’s like to be in Brazil. A conscious effort to make sure that the content is geared toward a Filipino audience was made to show that there are particular concepts that both countries have a similarity.

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