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Video Production

Break through the noise with compelling content.

In the fast-paced digital landscape, being static is synonymous with being invisible.

The ability to convey emotions and tell stories in action allows brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level than static content could ever hope to achieve.

This is how we make your story stand out. ​

Drives Higher Engagement

Increases Conversion

An Effective Medium

Customer Preference

We produce impactful videos.

Video can supercharge your strategy. Its power lies in the ability to create connections that resonate deeply with your audience, setting you apart from the competition.

We produce visually stunning content that captures the essence and values of your brand. We craft compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience, leaving a lasting impact.

Simplify complex ideas through high-impact explainers. We create engaging, easy-to-understand content that conveys your message effectively.

Transform your ideas into dynamic, engaging animations. We craft vibrant, memorable visuals for any purpose, connecting with viewers in a unique and lasting way. Experience the power of storytelling brought to life through animation.

Inspire and educate your audience with impactful Corporate Social Responsibility videos. We highlight your organization's social initiatives, effectively conveying your commitment to making a positive change.

Streamline your instructional needs with our custom training videos. We turn essential information into engaging, easy-to-follow visuals that enhance learning and retention. Deliver effective training experiences seamlessly with our professionally crafted training videos.

Have your events last forever with on-the-scene video coverage. Our experienced videographers ensure every important detail is captured, allowing you to relive those cherished memories and share them with your audience.

Enhance your online presence with attention-grabbing videos optimized for social media platforms. We create short, compelling videos that captivate viewers, driving engagement and expanding your reach.

Watch our Demo Reel

From the studio

Astronaut drawing

Showcasing the work we can do to tell your story. Find the scope and range of our services and the styles we can provide them in here.

World Bank logo | Video Production Services Client

Equipping the country’s people with the means to protect themselves during disasters. We created informative content that would engage audiences while still being informative and educational.

Video campaign for children supported by UNICEF

With the hope to improve life for the Bangsamoro people, this video series touches on the day-to-day life of kids living in BARMM. The campaign hoped to capturethe world’s reality to inspire change.

WWF Case Study | M2.0 Communications Video Production Agency Client

Leading communities toward responsible, sustainable composting. We created a documentary on food waste in the Philippines, showing audiences what they can do to stop it.

Why M2?

A focus on your story​

We’ll be open to input at every step of the journey. As collaborators in creation, we commit to leveraging data and insights from your story to maximize impact.

Timely turnarounds

Timely turnarounds ​

We understand the value of your time. Each step in the process is handled with care and attention to deadlines in order to get the content produced within a month.

Creatives of our own ​

With our own in-house team of writers, videographers, editors, and producers, we can create videos beyond professional quality. The best creatives in the industry are within your reach.

Brands we've worked with


What matters to us is that your story is being told. That’s why you can expect an obsession with your narrative, your message, and who you are. 

The focus we put on your story includes constant communication. We’ll be on call for the entire process, ensuring a steady back-and-forth of ideas to make production as smooth and as efficient as possible. 

As a data-driven firm, our success is measured in numbers. However, we also put a premium on client satisfaction–if what we’ve produced gets you the results you wanted, then that’s a success in our book.

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