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Influencers at the Forefront: Shaping the Launch of Ethan Allen’s Transcendence Collection


With a big event coming up, Ethan Allen had a goal: they needed to generate some buzz and excitement among its target audience. After all, if they wanted the unveiling of their newest collection to have a lasting impact, they needed to build suspense and anticipation around it. That way, their newest products could truly make their mark. 

Photo of Ethan Allen Transcendence Collections Campaign - Inspirations Studio

That’s why the American furniture company reached out to M2.0 Communications. The core challenge was to create a sense of exclusivity and anticipation for its Transcendence Collection, a furniture line with a focus on stylish, timeless beauty. The event in BGC, Taguig City, was not just a product launch but a gathering of the metro’s elite, including VIP clients, interior designers, and influencers. The aim was to not only showcase the collection but also to drive immediate sales through on-the-spot purchases and exclusive promotions, while simultaneously laying the groundwork for long-term interest.

Recognizing the significance of the event, Ethan Allen sought M2.0 Communications’ expertise to reach a broader audience and generate significant publicity. The involvement of media and influencers, as trusted voices in the luxury lifestyle and design sectors, was crucial. Their presence and endorsement were expected to lend credibility to the brand and influence their followers, thereby amplifying the impact of the Transcendence Collection launch.

Photo of Ethan Allen Transcendence Collections Campaign


In addressing Ethan Allen’s challenge, M2.0 Communications adopted a strategic approach centered on engaging the right influencers and media personalities. The primary criterion for selection was an alignment with Ethan Allen’s brand values, aesthetics, and target demographics. This careful selection process was crucial to ensure that the influencers’ content and reach would resonate authentically with the desired audience.

Photo from the Ethan Allen Campaign -  speakeasy music lounge with Nicole Asensio

With this, we were able to tap three key personalities: Apples Aberin, Happy Ongpauco Tiu, and Nicole Ortega. 

Apples, a known connoisseur and frequent buyer of high-end products, was an ideal match. Similarly, Happy Ongpauco Tiu, a notable chef and restaurateur, represented the perfect blend of culinary expertise and luxury lifestyle, aligning seamlessly with Ethan Allen’s association with Focus Global Inc., a distributor of premium brands like Kitchen Aid and Oster.

Nicole Ortega, a prominent socialite with extensive connections, was also selected for her influence among the upper echelons of society. Her involvement was seen as pivotal in creating a buzz within the right circles, crucial for the event’s success. These choices ensured that the influencers were not just promoting a product but were genuinely invested and aligned with the lifestyle and values that Ethan Allen represents.


The result of M2.0 Communications’ influencer strategy for Ethan Allen’s Transcendence Collection launch was notably successful, especially considering the influential stature of Apples Aberin, Happy, and Nicole Ortega in their respective domains.

Photo of Happy Ongpauco Tiu from the Ethan Allen Campaign

Their promotion of the event on Instagram aligned seamlessly with their personal content styles, ensuring authentic and effective engagement with their followers.

Each of these influencers brought their unique perspective and audience to the table.

Screenshot of Nicole Ortega's IG reel from the Ethan Allen Transcendence Collection Campaign

Apples’ posts resonated with her followers who appreciate high-end products and aesthetics, while Happy’s culinary background appealed to those interested in a luxurious lifestyle. Nicole, with her wide social reach, was able to draw in an audience keen on high society events and exclusive gatherings.

Photo of Apples Aberin from the Ethan Allen Transcendence Collection Campaign

Their posts about the event did not just showcase the Transcendence Collection but also embodied the lifestyle and elegance associated with the Ethan Allen brand.

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