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Global Connection, Local Impact: An Influencer Campaign Strategy for the Brazilian Embassy and BRF Global


The Brazilian Embassy faced a unique challenge in their mission to promote Brazilian brands through their Facebook page. This initiative was part of a broader effort to boost the visibility and appeal of Brazilian products internationally. The challenge gained momentum when BRF Global, a major player in the food industry, decided to collaborate with the Embassy for this project.

BRF Global’s products, predominantly sold to large corporations rather than retail consumers, were not available in grocery stores in the Philippines. This presented a significant obstacle to reaching a wider public.

The lack of retail presence meant that BRF needed a creative approach to build brand awareness and showcase the quality of its products. To develop and implement an effective brand awareness campaign to enhance their market presence, BRF Global sought the support of M2.0 Communications.


To tackle the challenge of raising awareness about BRF Global’s products, M2.0 devised a targeted influencer strategy. The influencer management agency recognizes the power of micro-influencers in creating authentic connections with audiences and chose five prominent figures: Jo Sebastian, Mich Oliva, Bernice Miranda, Enzo Bonoan, and Anjo Resurreccion. Each of these influencers was selected for their impact in the lifestyle niche, perfectly aligning with the campaign’s objective.

The campaign’s key message focused on the importance of understanding the origins of one’s food, tying it to the concept of a refined lifestyle. This strategy aimed to encourage Filipinos to be immersed in the Brazilian culture of healthy living. By leveraging the lifestyle influencers’ reach and credibility, M2.0 pushed to foster a positive perception of Brazilian culture and cuisine. The influencers were tasked with creating engaging content that would resonate with their followers, effectively promoting BRF’s products and the Brazilian way of life.


This influencer campaign developed by M2.0 Communications for BRF Global and the Brazilian Embassy yielded impressive results. By engaging with lifestyle micro-influencers who shared personal aspects of their lives on Facebook and Instagram, the content produced felt authentic and relatable, resonating strongly with their audiences. This approach ensured that the promotion of BRF Global’s products and the perception of the Brazilian lifestyle were seen as grounded and genuine.

Influencer Campaign Strategy for Brazilian Embassy and BRF Global | Anjo Resurreccion

The influencers created engaging and relevant content, including videos with headlines like “What I Eat in a Day,” “Five Healthy Habits,” and “Come Work Out with Me.” This content strategy effectively communicated the value and quality of BRF Global’s products while promoting a healthy, Brazilian-inspired lifestyle. 

Influencer Campaign Strategy for Brazilian Embassy and BRF Global | Enzo Bonoan Fitness

A testament to the campaign’s success was reflected in the reach and impressions achieved by the influencers. All in all, they garnered a total reach of 43,579, with 44,113 total impressions

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