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The Top Filipino Brands Dominating TikTok Right Now

Breaking down how certain brands are using TikTok not just for ads, but in other ways too. This includes recruitment, showing off company culture, driving engagement, and more. 

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, brands are constantly seeking novel ways to connect with audiences, and TikTok, with its meteoric rise to global prominence, has emerged as a goldmine of opportunity. 

It’s easy to assume that this platform, driven by catchy tunes and dance challenges, is simply another space for traditional advertisements. However, the reality is far more intricate. Innovative brands are harnessing the platform’s unique characteristics to redefine their outreach strategies, venturing well beyond the confines of standard commercials.

From recruitment initiatives that scout talent in the most unconventional of ways, to behind-the-scenes glimpses that showcase vibrant company cultures, TikTok is transforming into a multifaceted tool for brands. 

It’s not just about selling a product anymore; it’s about building a narrative, fostering engagement, and creating a digital ecosystem where brands and audiences can interact in more personal, profound ways.

Here are the top Filipino brands dominating TikTok right now: 

1. Shopee

Shopee is one of the best examples of a brand with a successful digital marketing campaign. They’ve been at the top of the game for a while now, having amassed over 5 million followers on their TikTok account. 

While their main focus is to drive their audience to e-commerce, they also have content that shows off things like their company culture and main office. 

Through these, viewers can get a glimpse of what it looks like to work at a company that they already know and love well. It humanizes the brand, putting faces behind the hard work to make their content more grounded and relatable. 

Along with this, it may even help Shopee find some of their future employees. 

2. Foodpanda 


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♬ original sound – foodpandaph – foodpandaph

If you spend any time at all on TikTok, then it’s a near guarantee that you’ve seen some of Foodpanda’s content around. 

Foodpanda cleverly takes advantage of food-related trends to show off their food know-how. While they’re technically a food delivery service, they still take the opportunity to make their own form of content. 

This kind of strategy is called trendjacking. That is, taking a look at what’s trending now and adjusting your content accordingly to ride the trend wave.

It’s a tough strategy to get into given how quickly trends shift, but when done right, it’s incredibly effective. Foodpanda is a testament to this, having amassed 430,000 followers on their account. 

3. Ayala Malls 

Ayala Malls makes content like vlogs going around their various stores, GRWMs, and POVs–essentially, videos that catch people’s attention. 

They understand that when it comes to making content for apps like TikTok, hard advertisements just aren’t going to cut it. Short videos that simply show off a product and nothing more simply have no effect on audiences when scrolling past them is easier than ever.

That’s why Ayala Malls grounds their content, making it relatable. Each video they post shows off what they can offer in a subtle, nuanced way that taps into popular and effective formats. 

This is the secret to their high number of views and engagements. 

4. Lazada 


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♬ original sound – Lazada Philippines – Lazada Philippines

As an online shopping platform, Lazada is another driver for engagement. They know exactly what their audience wants to see, especially coming off the heels of the pandemic. 

Online shopping remains at an all-time high in the Philippines, which lends to Lazada’s success and high follower count. Currently, they sit at over 5 million followers on TikTok, a count that is steadily growing. 

The videos that the account posts make use of trends that effortlessly blend into any person’s For You page. Each one shows off the types of products that viewers can find on their app, effectively driving them to e-commerce. 

5. OPPO Philippines


Flaunt that Main Character Energy and be sure it’s ShotOnOPPO! ✨

♬ original sound – OPPO Philippines – OPPO Philippines

One of the key factors to success on TikTok as a brand is knowing the tone to take on when creating your content. OPPO shows off that they know exactly what this means. 

Their content shows off a deep understanding of this generation’s interests and sense of humor. Along with this, they also make use of video formats like unboxing videos which are highly effective when it comes to driving sales and engagement. 

With over a million followers on their TikTok account, they know that what they’re doing works. 

Overall, you may be able to observe one common thread among all of these brands: they put harder thought into the content that they push out. 

It’s not just about showing off a product, it’s about telling a story. It’s about making their viewers care about what they have. It’s about answering that critical question: Why should I care? 

Today’s fast-paced world shows that care is a commodity. If you want anyone to care about your content, you need to know the right way to tap into their interests. 

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