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How Unboxing Videos Drive Sales and Engagement

An in-depth look at how unboxing videos became popular and why brands should consider doing them.

When was the last time you scrolled through social media without seeing a single unboxing video? Unboxing videos have become so ubiquitous because of how effective they are in presenting products. And people crave this kind of content. On YouTube alone, over 90,000 users type in “unboxing” on the search bar every month, making it clear that people are actively looking for it.

So what’s the reason behind its continued success? Let’s find out below.

Unboxing the psychology

At the core, unboxing videos are all about anticipation and the thrill of discovery, just like the video above. They tap into our fundamental penchant for curiosity and desire to experience the new. Think of the excitement you feel when opening a present on Christmas or your birthday. Unboxing videos capture the same feeling and leave you hanging on for every second.

The element of surprise is closely tied to our brain’s reward pathways, activating the same regions that light up when we open a new package or receive a gift.

For the same reasons, unboxing videos can be addictive. It’s the enjoyment of experiencing something for the very first time that gets viewers hooked, hence the popularity of the format.

It’s this psychological enticement that makes the viewer feel part of a personal, exciting journey that starts with a sealed box and ends with a revealed product.

The thought that counts

One of the biggest criticisms of social media is that it’s performative. While it’s mainly a platform for sharing your own thoughts and experiences, it’s become an avenue for people to act in ways they don’t normally do in real life to pander to the public and achieve virality.

Unboxing videos take a different approach. What you get is a real-time, moment-by-moment process that captures the content creator’s authentic reaction to the big reveal.

This is important for viewers to see. For one, it gives a sense of how the product really is with less pretense. You can easily fake written reviews to make a product look better than it actually is. In unboxing videos, it would be harder for you to fake your reaction.

Unboxing viewers value real-time reactions like this since it gives them a more honest review of a product to help them make the right decision when considering a purchase.

A push to drive sales

For many viewers, unboxing videos are the final push to finally buying the product they’ve been mulling about. 

They might have begun their journey down the rabbit hole of unboxing videos with prior research to get a better understanding of what they want to buy. For others, it may be their first step into learning about a product. Either way, these video reviews can help sway them toward making a purchase.

This is how you can benefit from unboxing videos. One way to do this is by partnering with content creators who are relevant to your brand. You can send them samples of your products for them to unbox, test, and hopefully review with favorable remarks. If they have a strong following, these partnerships can boost your reach and increase your chances of winning new customers.

Unboxing videos will only grow in popularity over time. There are many ways of leveraging this kind of content to drive sales and engagement, making it a secret weapon in driving up your business.

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