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10 Examples of a Successful Social Media Campaign

A standout social media campaign can amplify your brand’s voice, helping you forge deep connections with audiences worldwide. Yet, with the oversaturation of content, it can be hard to really make a lasting impression.

So, ask yourself: What makes a successful social media campaign? Is it about creativity, or more on strategy? The best way to find your answer is through looking at what’s worked for others. 

These campaigns are examples of how brands can engage, inspire, and mobilize their audiences through the power of social media, setting new benchmarks for what’s possible in digital storytelling and audience engagement.

1. Apple’s #ShotOnIPhone

The #ShotOnIPhone campaign by Apple ingeniously harnessed the power of user-generated content, inviting iPhone users to exhibit their photographic skills on Instagram. 

This move not only showcased the high-quality camera of the iPhone but also engaged a community of visual storytellers on the perfect platform for photo sharing. 

Successful Social Media Campaign Example | Shot on Iphone

The campaign underscored the artistic capabilities of ordinary users, transforming everyday moments into spectacular visuals, and solidifying the iPhone’s status as a premier photography tool.

2. Community Building with ABCI 

A Brown Company Inc. partnered with M2.0 Communications to craft a social media strategy that highlighted the robust communities within their properties. 

This campaign focused on connecting with a niche audience by demonstrating the appealing lifestyle and sense of belonging offered in their developments. 

A Brown Company, Inc. Case Study | Social Media Content 1

By visually portraying vibrant community living, ABCI successfully attracted potential homeowners looking for more than just a house, but a real community to call home.

3. From IHOP to IHOB

Successful Social Media Campaign Example | IHOB

IHOP’s clever tease of transforming into IHOB created a whirlwind of speculation and engagement across social media platforms. 

The ambiguity around the letter “B” turned audiences into active participants, guessing and debating its meaning. In the end, IHOB revealed that the B stands for “burgers”, leading the company to sell four times more burgers following the campaign. 

With this campaign, they were able to exemplify how mystery and suspense can spark widespread conversation, keeping the audience engaged and eagerly awaiting the reveal.

4. Thought Leadership with CEMEX

 CEMEX utilized LinkedIn to share insights on sustainability in the construction sector, establishing itself as a thought leader. 

The platform’s professional audience provided the ideal setting for CEMEX to engage with industry peers and stakeholders on important sustainability issues. 

This approach not only bolstered CEMEX’s reputation in the industry but also highlighted how targeted content on the right platform can effectively communicate a company’s values and expertise to a relevant audience.

5. UberEats’ Iftar Incoming 

UberEats tailored a campaign called ‘Iftar Incoming’ to resonate with the Muslim community during Ramadan. By focusing on the special moment of iftar, UberEats connected with them on a personal level, demonstrating an understanding of and respect for cultural practices. 

Successful Social Media Campaign Example | Uber Eats Iftar Incoming
Photo from Mother

This campaign showcased the effectiveness of culturally relevant marketing, enhancing brand loyalty by acknowledging and celebrating their traditions.

6. Showing off Brazil’s Culture with the Brazilian Embassy 

The Brazilian Embassy’s Facebook campaign aimed to captivate Filipinos with the allure of Brazil’s culture and landscapes. Through vivid imagery and engaging content, they effectively communicated Brazil’s diverse attractions, from its bustling cities to lush rainforests. 

Social card from a Social media management client

This use of social media not only promoted tourism but also showcased the power of cultural engagement, inviting viewers to explore and experience Brazil’s vibrant culture firsthand.

7. Cadbury’s Egg Hunt

Cadbury reimagined Easter egg hunts with a digital twist through a partnership with Google Maps, creating the largest virtual egg hunt. 

Successful Social Media Campaign Example | Cadbury Egg Hunt
Photo from Cadburys World Wide Hide Homepage

Participants could hide and seek eggs across digital maps, bringing the traditional Easter activity into the modern age. 

This campaign combined technology with festive fun, cleverly linking Cadbury’s chocolate eggs to innovative digital engagement.

8. Selfies for the Barbie Movie 

To drum up excitement for the Barbie movie, a unique campaign encouraged fans to turn their selfies into Barbie-style images. 

Successful Social Media Campaign Example | Barbie Selfie Generator

This interactive approach utilized user-generated content to create a personal connection with the audience, spreading enthusiasm for the movie. 

The campaign was a testament to the power of personalization and engagement in marketing, as fans eagerly participated, sharing their transformed selfies and amplifying the movie’s reach and appeal.

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9. Creating Awareness with MSD 

MSD’s campaign to raise awareness about HPV vaccinations targeted a broad audience, emphasizing that HPV affects everyone, not just women. 

By partnering with popular podcasts and creating social media videos, they reached diverse demographics, including men and the LGBTQ+ community, with their message.

MSD HPV Awareness Campaign Case Study | Social Media Video Output

The campaign highlighted the importance of inclusive health communication and the effectiveness of using targeted media platforms to educate and engage a wide audience on critical health issues.

10. Dunk Bardagulan 

This unique campaign saw multiple fast-food chains, including McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC, engage in playful online banter, capitalizing on a trending social media challenge. 

Successful Social Media Campaign Example | McDo's Dunk Bardagulan

By participating in this trend, these brands demonstrated how aligning with current social movements can enhance relevance and engagement. 

The collaborative nature of the campaign fostered a sense of community among competitors, showcasing the power of trend-based marketing to captivate and entertain audiences across platforms.


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