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Spreading the Word to Stop the Spread of Infection with MSD


MSD recognized the need to enhance their online engagement and visibility, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, where their target audience was most active. The objective was clear: to use social media not just as a tool for broadcasting messages, but as a strategic channel for meaningful engagement, education, and advocacy, especially regarding their initiatives on human papillomavirus (HPV) awareness and vaccination.

This challenge highlighted the importance of adapting to the evolving digital landscape, where social media’s role in healthcare communication and public health advocacy has become increasingly critical. 

MSD aimed to elevate their social media strategy to effectively reach and resonate with a wider audience. They wanted to ensure their messages about HPV awareness and the importance of vaccination were not only seen, but also acted upon.


In addressing MSD’s challenge, M2.0 Communications crafted a comprehensive strategy that broadened the focus of HPV awareness campaigns to include not just women, as had been previously emphasized, but all demographics at risk. This included men and members of the LGBT+ community. 

To get the message across, one thing M2.0 focused on was creating videos that would resonate with the audience and allow them to grasp the seriousness of HPV. 

MSD HPV Awareness Campaign Case Study | Social Media Video Output

Through compelling narratives and relatable content, the videos aimed to dismantle misconceptions and inform viewers about the importance of vaccination for everyone.

Along with this, M2 also reached out to partner with podcasts like the Jim and Saab podcast. This partnership used the hosts’ influence to spread the word about HPV’s preventable nature. 

MSD HPV Awareness Campaign Case Study | Saab Magalona
Photo from Adobo Magazine’s Article, Saab Magalona says yes to MSD Philippines’ advocacy campaign “Call the Shots

This approach marked a significant shift in HPV awareness efforts, moving towards a more inclusive and comprehensive public health campaign. 

By utilizing dynamic videos and influential media partnerships, M2.0 was able to enhance MSD’s social media presence and ensure that the critical message about HPV prevention reached a wide and diverse audience.


The campaign significantly amplified MSD’s social media presence and HPV awareness efforts.

For instance, the Facebook page garnered 56,676 likes with an extensive reach of 112,021,209, illustrating the campaign’s wide impact. Meanwhile, MSD’s Instagram achieved a reach of 1,963,908, demonstrating the effects of engaging with a diverse audience.

Audience engagement soared by 8,702,485 from the previous year, highlighting the campaign’s success in educating its audience about HPV prevention and the importance of vaccination.

These outcomes reflect the effectiveness of the inclusive and strategic approach in enhancing HPV awareness and encouraging vaccination across all demographics. More importantly, it taught Filipinos to take HPV seriously–leading to a healthier future for themselves and their families. 

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