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Lifting Up And Spreading Awareness With A Brown Company


A Brown Company, Inc. (A Brown), a prominent real estate firm with a strong presence in Mindanao, boasts an impressive portfolio of luxurious properties. Each one offers breathtaking views and unparalleled comfort—the kind that you just can’t find anywhere else. 

Still, in spite of the allure and value of their properties, A Brown faced a significant challenge. There was a lack of awareness among potential buyers and investors in Manila, the country’s economic and business hub. This limited visibility outside of Mindanao posed a critical barrier to tapping into a broader market and realizing the full potential of their real estate offerings.

So, the challenge for A Brown was twofold: firstly, to elevate the company’s brand visibility and reputation beyond Mindanao, and secondly, to showcase the unique appeal of their properties to a wider audience in Manila. Overall, to raise awareness; a task that its PR partner, M2.0 Communications, was well-equipped for. 


M2.0 Communications executed a targeted communications strategy to elevate A Brown’s brand and property awareness in Manila, focusing on three pivotal actions.

Firstly, this included refining their key messaging. M2.0 emphasized the vibrant, welcoming communities within the properties, underlining the message that living on an A Brown property means living somewhere happier.

Secondly, M2.0 improved the quality and engagement of social media content. This ensured that A Brown’s social cards and posts were visually captivating and informative, effectively highlighting the luxury and beauty of their properties.

A Brown Company Inc | Social Media Content 1

Lastly, M2.0 also launched targeted paid media campaigns to extend A Brow’s reach in Manila, ensuring the newly crafted messages and engaging content were seen by a broader, interested audience.

This approach aimed to not just raise awareness but also to position A Brown as a premier choice for luxury living in Mindanao, appealing directly to potential buyers in Manila through emotional connection, visual allure, and strategic online presence.


With M2.0’s social media service, A Brown Company grew its follower count from 10,000 to over 51,000 in a year.

The growth in followers not only indicates a substantial rise in A Brown’s brand awareness among potential buyers in Manila and beyond, but also reflects the successful engagement and appeal of the content and messaging that M2.0 refined and shared. Thanks to the efforts in updating their key messaging, producing engaging visual content, using paid media, A Brown has successfully solidified its presence as a luxury real estate company.

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