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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

It’s been said time and time again: today’s world is more digital than ever. Not only that, but it also continues to grow more and more tech-forward every day, with more people joining social media’s ever-growing number of users by the second. 

Social media marketing is a necessity for any company to get their foot in the door. While it can be as simple as a few posts and shares, doing it effectively is another story. How do you know if your strategy is going to pan out? Here are a few tips to start you off.

DO understand your audience

The first step to writing a good post on social media is to understand who you’re writing it for. After all, how can you hope to appeal to your audience when you don’t even know who it is? Hence why the first big “do” on this list is to understand your audience.

Knowing your audience can include things like deciding on a specific age range and location you want to market in. These decisions make up the first steps of developing the perfect post that will generate the engagement you want to create.

DON’T force it

It can be hard to strike a good balance when it comes to social media marketing. While you may be tempted to do everything you can to get those clicks, it’s important to realize the value of “not forcing it.” What does this mean?

This means that you shouldn’t overdo it. While there’s value in it, it’ll hurt your engagement more than it would help it if you do such things as a post too much, overuse hashtags, and the like. Remember: less is more.

DO engage with your audience 

Don’t force it, but do remember to check in with your audience every now and then. One thing that social media marketing has that’s above traditional marketing is the fact that you can be as interactive as you would like with your posts, inviting your followers to react and share their thoughts.

This can work wonders for engagement. Things like conducting polls, asking for feedback through emoji reactions, and even responding to comments can make a huge difference in social media marketing. 

DON’T be unprofessional

While it’s necessary to engage with your audience, always remember to be cordial. There’s no sense in responding to a negative review by lashing out and swearing or acting too casually when engaging with comments in general.

Instead, remember to be professional in your responses. Keep in mind that you’re representing a business when you type out what to say. 

DO experiment 

While it may seem that there’s a strict set of rules to abide by when taking on social media marketing, don’t worry. There are ways you can innovate and inspire to gain a wide audience while still making sure you follow our advice.

How? That’s for you to find out. Break the mold and monotony of typical company social media profiles and experiment with what works for your brand and audience.

All in all, social media marketing is a tightrope that businesses must learn to walk. While missteps may be inevitable, just remember to take extra care so you don’t fall off.

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