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Building Connection, Innovation, and Value with CEMEX Philippines


CEMEX recognized the untapped potential of their LinkedIn presence as a platform for B2B engagement. After all, professional connections, industry leadership, and corporate responsibility are key to securing and nurturing partnerships–that’s why they sought to elevate their LinkedIn profile beyond its current state. Their primary concern was that their LinkedIn profile was not adequately reflecting their position as industry leaders, nor was it using the full extent of LinkedIn’s capabilities to connect with potential clients and partners.

That’s why they approached M2.0 Communications for help with their social media services. CEMEX aimed to redefine their LinkedIn profile to showcase their industry knowledge, innovation, and leadership, while also emphasizing their commitment to environmental sustainability. 

The challenge was twofold: to transform their LinkedIn profile into a platform for thought leadership within the industry, as well as to highlight their dedication to sustainability. This required a strategic overhaul of their content strategy and online engagement approach. M2.0 was up to the task. 


In order to build a community, you have to give your audience a reason to stay. 

With this in mind, M2.0 Communications developed a strategic 6-month social media campaign to elevate CEMEX’s LinkedIn profile. The campaign focused on thought leadership and sustainability in the cement industry. 

The campaign’s core aim was to organically expand CEMEX’s LinkedIn community. With this in mind, M2.0 focused on developing the key messaging that the LinkedIn posts would center around. This included the following: building connection, building innovation, and building value. 

M2.0 created social cards that would get the message across: that CEMEX is here, and building itself up with sustainability at its forefront. 


The approach that M2.0 devised for CEMEX on LinkedIn led to a remarkable achievement: a fourfold increase in community size within just six months. This growth underscores the effectiveness of the campaign’s strategy, combining engaging content and a focus on sustainability and thought leadership. 

The quadrupling of CEMEX’s community size on LinkedIn as a direct result of the campaign illustrates the power of combining visual storytelling with authentic messaging to resonate with the target audience. 

Cemex Case Study | LinkedIn Photo 5

It stands as a clear indicator of the campaign’s success in reinforcing CEMEX’s position as an industry leader committed to sustainability. It has transformed its LinkedIn presence into an authoritative and influential platform–one whose community engages with it authentically and will continue to do so in the months to come.

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