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5 Types of Public Relations You Need to Know

To some, the term Public Relations (or PR, for short) may seem like a clunky, outdated concept. The first images that come to mind may be of businessmen in suits, standing in front of a crowd while cameras flash in their faces. Maybe they’re discussing something technical and hard to parse, all for the purpose of furthering the image of their brand.

While the idea of PR has its roots in the above scenario for a reason, it’s not accurate at all. PR spreads so much farther than just a person on a podium, speaking on behalf of a certain company.

Nowadays, PR is complex, nuanced, and varied with many types. Read on to learn more.

1. Corporate Communications

This type may be the closest to the aforementioned misconception of PR. Corporate Communications deals with managing and shaping the overall communications of a company or organization.

As such, it includes things such as internal and external communications, stakeholder engagement, and corporate social responsibility management. In particular, this type of PR helps shape public perception, build trust, and enhance the organization’s overall image and standing in the marketplace.

2. Media Relations

Media Relations is just about exactly what it says on the tin: the media. This type of PR deals with reporters, journalists, and anything related to the news. 

The main purpose of this type of PR is to make headlines. Picture this: your company’s name in big, bold text on the first page of a broadsheet—that’s part of what Media Relations is all about. 

Having journalists positively talk about your company in the news is a great way to break into the mainstream and get pushed into public awareness to say, “Hey, look at us. We exist.

3. Community Relations

This type of PR is the most heavy-handed when it comes to the local scene. Community Relations is all about building a strong connection with the local community.

As anyone might expect, it involves engaging with local members, addressing their concerns, and actively participating in activities that contribute to the well-being and development of the community. This can be through regular outreach, stakeholder mapping, and other forms of local engagement.

4. Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is a type of PR that may not have existed as much in the past but has definitely solidified itself as one of the most valuable types of Public relations today. 

This type of PR deals with social media. Even if it just emerged fairly recently, it’s one of the most dominant ones, as many today are constantly online on their mobile devices.

Managing a social media account and posting regularly is crucial and essentially what online reputation management boils down to. It may seem simple, but it actually involves many moving parts that make this type of PR all the more necessary to keep your eye on.

5. Crisis Communications

Lastly, this type of PR deals with responding to an emergency situation. This can range from internal issues to something widespread and pressing like a global pandemic. 

Many may think that Crisis Communications is something that only comes up sometimes, but they’d be mistaken. A good kind of Crisis Communication includes being prepared for everything and requires a dedicated team to do it well. 

The world of PR is growing and shifting every day. Being able to move with its evolution requires not only to stay on top of trends but also understanding where its foundation lies. Be sure to make the most of your company’s potential by tapping into each one of these. If you’re ready to start, ask us how.

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