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a photo of a boy singing for the social media campaign of Philips Sound

Philips’ Social Media Success Through OPM Hits

Tuning in to the Filipino’s Love for OPM


A Voice with a Ton of Potential.
Philips Sound is a new brand in the audio world that offers affordable and high-quality products. It’s facing tough competition from well-known brands like Beats, Bose, and Sony. Despite having top-notch gear, the local Philips group wasn’t selling as much as its competitors.
To turn things around, Philips Sound needed a new strategy. They asked for help from a social media agency, M2.0 Communications.
A recent report from the Global Web Index (GWI) showed that many young professionals are willing to pay for music downloads or streaming services. This shows that they value good sound quality and are willing to invest in it.


Listening to the Market’s Jam.
The team built the social media campaign around an insight: People didn’t buy their audio gear just for the name or specifications–they chose them to fit their music, experience, and lifestyle. With this idea, the agency found a common ground for Filipino consumers: their love of OPM. Regardless of genre preference, people shared a love of local music.
The team built the contents highlighting Philips’ products as the best way to enjoy OPM. The brand was to become their partner for their favorite Filipino tunes, whether at home, commuting, or while at work.
Turning up the Volume.
To resonate with the karaoke-loving Filipino culture, the agency engaged people in social media campaign through mini-games like “guess the song title” and “fill in the missing lyric.” The team paid tribute to local artists by remembering their best songs. M2.0 appealed to the emotions of Philips’ audience through the nostalgia of OPM hits.
GWI data shows that 33 percent of young professionals followed singers on social media. Instead of working with just one endorser for the campaign, the team opted to feature the best OPM artists in the page and evoke nostalgia among fans. This strategy helped make the brand more local and relatable.


Music to Everyone’s Ears.

Philips Sound’s music campaign was a huge success, setting the standard for all Asian countries. The team exceeded expectations by adding over 70,000 fans, becoming the highest-performing page globally. The campaign positioned Philips’ products as the go-to earphones for OPM fans, breaking the brand’s image as just a light company and establishing a strong connection with Filipinos.