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Influencer Strategy & Management

Be at the forefront of
the rapidly evolving creator economy.

Influencers evolved from mere product endorsers to agents of day-to-day connection with their specific audience segments. We’ve built a network with both up-and-coming and established influencers and have pinned down the process of how to engage with each of them. We help your brand become part of their story, and through this, part of your audience’s story in organic ways.

M2 devises an influencer marketing strategy that maximizes resources and ensures that the relevant influencers build on your existing audience and even open up new markets. After each round of influencer activities, we’ll analyze their performance and refine the strategy that brings you closer to your PR and marketing goals.

Present your products to key personalities that can influence what the market behavior will be like.

Identify which influencer can work best with your brand. Reach a wider audience through their followers whether it be for engagement or awareness.

Use data metrics in understanding who are the best ambassadors for specific products.

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Photo of Enya Reyes. Enya is the Managing Director of M2 Communications, a PR firm and communications agency in the Philippines

Enya Reyes

Managing Director

Photo of Rica Oquias. Rica is the Chief Operations Officer of M2.0 Communications, a communications agency, and public relations firm in the Philippines.

Rica Oquias

Chief Operations Officer

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