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Oppo Case Study

Unboxing Success: How OPPO Philippines’ Media Relations Strategy Dialed Up Results

Penetrating the Philippine Mobile Market


Competing in a Samsung & Apple Dominated Market
OPPO sells mobile electronic devices in over 20 countries across the globe. After contributing to the successful launch of the R5 and N3 in Singapore, OPPO continued to rely on M2.0 for its media relations strategy to help it compete in the mobile-friendly Philippine market, where it faces numerous entrenched brands.


Winning Filipinos in the Age of ‘Selfies’
OPPO’s products can stand for themselves. They’re high in quality, which quickly becomes apparent when the devices are used. M2.0 gave that chance to the media by sending out numerous OPPO phones for review. When OPPO launched the Neo 5, Joy Plus, and R1X, we made sure that the media had hands-on experience with these devices.


Dominating the PH Smartphone Market
The media loved it each time they got their hands on one of OPPO’s devices, and transmitted their enthusiasm onto page and screen. The effectiveness of the strategy can be seen in that every month, M2.0 regularly delivers twice the agreed number of media pickups. The mobile electronics brand became widely known in the Philippines and, more importantly, continues to enjoy brisk sales.