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Achieving Media Coverage Success with A Brown Company

The Success of ABCI’s PR and Social Media Campaign

Making homes out of houses


Developing Dreams.
A Brown Company, Inc. (A Brown) is a real estate company committed to building communities around the Philippines through real estate, power plant development, water development, and agribusiness ventures. As a growing real estate company, they wanted their current and future initiatives in Tanay and Mindanao–their niche markets–to catch the eye of potential investors.
In order to increase their media coverage on their projects and improve corporate and real estate communications strategy on social media, A Brown partnered with M2.0 Communications, a top PR firm in the Philippines that offers social media marketing services, to help them grow in engagement and community size.


With a combination of digital and PR campaigns, we worked to generate more exposure through traditional and online channels.
Building the Narrative.
To introduce their initiatives to their niche, we secured an exclusive interview with BusinessWorld to announce A Brown’s project to develop the first commercial E-Beam facility in the Philippines. We then conducted a CEO Profiling with CEO Robert Pizzaro on ANC News, where he discussed the outlook of the Philippines’ real estate market nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic. He was interviewed by Michelle Ong on ANC News’ Market Edge. To build on this momentum, our plan also consisted of building connections with key traditional business media for consistent pickups on Philippine Stock Exchange disclosures.
Bringing the Community to You.
Our social media channels essentially served as support for our existing PR efforts. For our social media campaign, we aimed to highlight what makes each A Brown community stand out from the rest. By utilizing paid media to increase engagement and community size, we reached more potential investors who found the perfect A Brown project for their lifestyles.


Investing in Dreams.

Our PR efforts with A Brown helped increase their media coverage and reached oversubscribed levels in their preferred shares issuances, surpassing the allotted P1.5 billion shares. Long-term, both PR and social media conversations drove engagement and community rate month on month. Compared to the industry rate standard, A Brown maintained a six percent average engagement rate per month and reached up to ten percent in some months – a triumph for a real estate company, especially in terms of media coverage.

Not only was the team able to catch the attention of investors around the country, but they were able to sustain their interest and convert that into long-term investments. With a partnership with M2.0, A Brown brought together people and their dream homes and communities.