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Content Strategy Development: LifeMask’s Rebranding Efforts

Unmasking the Truth


A misunderstanding of masks.
Face masks work. They prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air and onto other people when we sneeze, cough, or talk.
But which ones are effective and which ones aren’t? Based on social listening data, this conversation is mainly led by observing bare minimum compliance. Filipinos choose cloth masks for their affordability and comfort, paying little attention to proper health standards when they purchase.
At the same time, substandard masks were widespread in local e-commerce sites. These confused consumers, preventing them from making well-informed choices.
LifeMask, an upstart manufacturer, sought to change this. The company offered an affordable, locally made option that rivaled the filtration efficiency of N95 and K95 masks. As a newcomer, however, it was entering a market that was dominated by bigger, and more established manufacturers.


From compliance to adherence.
LifeMask’s positioning was shifted to focus on narrative, key messages, and key proof points. Most brands took a very corporate approach to branding—so, M2.0 took a more consumer-oriented approach to visuals and content without compromising the brand’s scientific credentials as their content strategy development for the brand. LifeMask’s new branding identity system spoke to its mission and differentiation as a company.
A new slogan was introduced with ‘Rethink your protection,’ with three key themes: (1) the need for Filipinos to make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing face masks, (2) LifeMask’s compliance to stringent European product standards, and (3) the brand’s heritage as a Filipino-founded company.
Collaterals were built from this newfound identity and were executed through campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. From there, M2.0 identified ‘first movers’ from the medical community to help build product awareness and encouraged making more informed decisions when choosing protective gear. This was in line with LifeMask’s science-first value proposition.


The mask of choice.
M2.0 crafted a brand book to set clear guidelines and provide direction for creating social media content. Sales kit and informational brochures for the product campaign and roll-out were developed as well. Product kits were sent out to reputable doctors in Metro Manila for them to try out the masks themselves. The responses from the sit-down interviews with LifeMask and M2.0 that followed in the weeks after were overwhelmingly positive.
“I was surprised with the high quality, snug fit, and light feel while worn,” says Dr. Anthony Leachon, former COVID-19 Task Force Adviser, and urged the team to highlight its filtration efficiency to set it apart from other products in the market. LifeMask is delivering on its promise to help Filipino consumers be more responsible when it comes to their safety.
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