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UI & UX Design

Enhance your primary conversion channels.

For many industries, the company website is the channel where the customer ultimately makes a purchase. After we define the website’s goals and align this with the user’s goals, we strengthen the information architecture so that the clickstream has no bottlenecks. By ensuring that the navigation is focused, we can get your user where they need to be in the fastest possible way. We ensure that the experience is efficient for all users–whether they are existing or returning visitors.

M2’s website design team creates clickable prototypes that undergo A/B testing to make sure that there is universal accessibility that caters to different audiences, and that the design is scalable for future growth.

Curate your customer’s journey with the most efficient path towards sales conversions.

Choose between multiple website variations that function like the final product.

Calibrate the user journey of your pages to its best version with a comprehensive testing process..

Determine the overall aesthetic of your pages from functionality to form while maintaining a consistent visual identity.

Create a content plan that addresses every part of the customer’s journey as you guide them towards a purchase decision.

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Photo of Enya Reyes. Enya is the Managing Director of M2 Communications, a PR firm and communications agency in the Philippines

Enya Reyes

Managing Partner

Build an online hub for your brand.