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Communication to Creation: The Rise of a Creative Director

When it comes to finding the perfect job, fate sometimes has a way of intervening. Just ask our community manager—turned executive producer—turned creative director. Their journey from a curious newcomer to a seasoned leader is a testament to the power of passion and seizing opportunities.

The Birth of a Creative

Joining M2.0 Communications wasn’t the original plan for Beejay Castillo. He had his sights set on Media Meter, M2.0 Communications’ sister company, where Beej dreamed of becoming a researcher and media analyst. But sometimes, the unexpected path leads to the most fulfilling destinations. Stepping into the M2.0 office, Beej was immediately drawn in by the culture and the amazing people of the company.

“The way this place is organized, with no unnecessary bureaucracy, really got me pumped up. It’s incredible how everyone is treated equally and paid fairly. And you know what? Fate smiled upon me when I joined the company because that’s when the management was putting together the video team. Talk about perfect timing!”

In his early days as a community manager, his creativity was manifested in the continuous flow of communication with various community members and clients. It was about understanding the needs and desires of the clients and collaborating with them to achieve a shared vision. As a community manager, Beej quickly learned that the creative process wasn’t just about one’s own ideas but about finding the most effective solutions for the clients they served.

Beej also shared that one memorable experience that changed his approach to creative work was the unexpected demand for animated explainer videos during the pandemic. While he initially thought that the video team would be less busy due to health protocols, he found his team working with prestigious organizations like UNICEF, World Bank, United Nations, and JP Morgan to educate people on following health guidelines. It was a challenging yet rewarding project that pushed his creative boundaries and highlighted the impact of their work.

Ascending the Ranks – From Community Manager to Creative Producer

The transition from community manager to creative producer marked a pivotal moment in Beej’s career. He began to see the bigger picture in projects and campaigns, understanding that his work was a collaborative effort between his team and the clients. Striking a balance between managing expectations and creating truly effective solutions became their top priority.

As a creative producer, Beej embraced the challenges and opportunities for personal growth that came with the role. He discovered the power of tailored leadership tactics, customizing their approach to meet the unique needs of each team member. By offering targeted and specific guidance, he was able to overcome difficulties and foster creativity within the team.

“I changed the way I provide feedback to my team and it made a world of difference. No more beating around the bush or sugarcoating things. I used to think that being overly agreeable was the way to go, but I was wrong. It just made it harder for my team to understand and act on my feedback. But now, I’ve learned that leadership isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.”

Embracing Leadership – The Creative Director Journey

Remaining innovative and ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving PR landscape is no easy task. However, Beejay shared that M2.0 Communications has built a culture that thrives on adaptability and collaboration. With these pillars, M2.0 transformed into a company that focuses on helping its employees grow in their careers, offering them flexibility, and encouraging innovation. Beej’s team understands the importance of embracing change and new ideas, creating an environment where everyone feels valued and encouraged to contribute their perspectives. With these, M2.0 transformed into a company that focuses on helping its employees grow in their careers, offering them flexibility, and encouraging innovation.

“I don’t just teach my team members the nitty-gritty stuff of video editing, animation, or graphic design. I focus on helping them become better storytellers, content managers, and collaborators. I don’t just pass on my skills, but also my values and principles.”

Moreover, mentorship plays a crucial role in the creative industry, and Beej knows it firsthand. He experienced the privilege of both learning from and mentoring others, recognizing the value of sharing knowledge and empowering others to unleash their creative freedom. It’s about more than just passing on skills; it’s about instilling values and principles that drive success.

The Essence of Leadership – Beyond Titles and Roles

Beejay Castillo, Creative Director of M2.0 Communications, and his colleagues are enjoying a great lunch at Lola Cafe.
<em>Beejay Castillo and his team enjoying lunch at Lola Cafe<em>

Motivating, valuing, and inspiring teams is an essential aspect of effective leadership. So, as the creative director, Beej helps his team members set up career plans and targets that will help them visualize their growth and progress. By setting quarterly and yearly goals, they create a sense of purpose and direction that fuels motivation.

Looking Ahead – The Future of Creativity and Leadership

As a creative director, the future holds exciting possibilities. Beej envisions a partnership with a PROI partner, learning from other creative directors, and becoming a more effective leader. The integration of AI also captures his interest. Currently, Beej and his team continuously seek different ways to leverage the potential of AI and explore how creative agencies can capitalize on it. In this era of AI, it may feel like a daunting task to pursue a professional career. Having a team of inspiring and innovative individuals who are ready to take on challenges, according to Beej, can mean a world of difference. 

“For those starting out in the PR and creative industry, find a hero. Look for someone living your dream life, and follow their path. But don’t be afraid to break through and carve your own unique journey. Embrace the lessons learned from those who came before, but have the courage to create your own trajectory.”

In the end, it’s the birth of a creative that transforms not only their own career but also those with whom they collaborate, lead, and mentor. With passion, perseverance, and a commitment to continuous learning, anyone can turn their dreams into reality. And who knows? Perhaps your creative journey will be even more inspiring.

M2.0 Communications is a video production agency in the Philippines dedicated to telling impactful and meaningful stories. Visit our case studies page to see our work in action.

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