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5 All-time Best Christmas Influencer Campaigns

In preparation for the Christmas season, look into some of the best influencer marketing campaigns that happened around the holiday season, and what it is about them that made them so memorable. 

With the “ber” months finally here, Christmas is soon approaching. It’s a holiday that almost everyone in the world can understand, even if they don’t personally celebrate it. Because of this, most people can relate with and connect to Christmas stories. 

That’s exactly why brands and marketers see Christmas as the perfect opportunity to create memorable campaigns that not only drive sales but also tug at their audience’s heartstrings. 

By marrying compelling storytelling with influencer reach, brands have crafted campaigns that remain etched in our memories long after the holiday lights have dimmed. Add influencers into the mix, and you’ve got the perfect campaign; the kind that uses authentic personalities alongside the Christmas spirit to get your story out there. 

Here are 5 Christmas Influencer Campaigns that did it best:

1. Pop It Pets

In this campaign, instead of presenting the products in their conventional light, TikToker Nichole Jacklyn turned the tables — or rather, the tree. Leveraging the festive ambiance, she ingeniously repurposed Pop It Pets’ products, transforming them into whimsical tree decorations, adding a dash of originality to the season’s celebrations.

What stands out in this collaboration isn’t just the novelty of the idea but the strategic genius behind it. Pop It Pets didn’t just choose any influencer; they zeroed in on a creator whose essence mirrored their brand identity. 

Nichole’s vibrant personality, combined with an audience that perfectly aligns with Pop It Pets’ target demographic, makes this partnership nothing short of a masterstroke.

2. The Body Shop 

Originating from British shores, The Body Shop has consistently etched its mark in the world of cosmetics and skincare. 

Yet, last holiday season, they offered more than just products–they presented a message of love and acceptance.


Our Limited Seasonal Gifts make the PERFECT gifts for your loved ones @matthewandryanuk 😍🌲🍊 #christmasgifitng #christmasgiftideas #surprisegift #festivegifts

♬ original sound – The Body Shop UK

Their last Christmas campaign, #ChristmasGifting, delved beyond the superficial. Partnering with a diverse array of creators (such as @matthewandryanuk), the campaign advocated for selecting gifts that are more than just objects; they’re symbols of love, understanding, and acceptance.

At the heart of this initiative lies The Body Shop’s unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community. Through #ChristmasGifting, they not only promote their products but also amplify their steadfast commitment to diversity and inclusivity. It’s a celebration of all kinds of love during the most wonderful time of the year.

3. Woolworths

An influencer marketing campaign partnership of Woolworths and Featr.

Woolworths, a household name in the supermarket realm, took a fresh, strategic approach last festive season. Their campaign dubbed “Aus-some Christmas with Woolworths!” redefined how consumers perceived the brand.

At the campaign’s core lies the intent to fuse trusted influencer names with Woolworths, bolstering its market credibility. 

Not just any influencers, but a meticulously curated list of 11 personalities, including FEATR, Danika Nemis, Say Alonzo, and Eatsploration, among others. Each echoed the sentiments of different economic strata. 

With precision, the team has paired each influencer with the supermarket chain that best resonates with their audience–Shopwise for the everyday shopper, and The Marketplace for the more elite consumer.

4. Lego 

Lego, one of the best Christmas influencer campaigns featuring heyabiq instagram post.

Lego, an iconic name synonymous with imagination and innovation, has consistently crafted memorable Christmas and New Year influencer campaigns that resonate long after the festive season fades. 

In 2017, their campaign efforts took a heartwarming turn, honing in on the familial bonds nurtured during the holiday season.

In a brilliant move, Lego collaborated with the real heroes of every child’s universe – their parents. Teaming up with Insta moms and dads, family-focused influencers, and trendsetting lifestyle creators like @heyabiq, the brand sought to impart a profound message: gifts can be both fun and formative.

5. Marks and Spencer 

Mark and Spencer, one of the best Christmas influencer campaigns featuring zoesugg instagram post.

The Marks and Spencer narrative isn’t restricted to just apparel. Food, especially when dictated by the rhythm of the seasons, plays a pivotal role. 

Influencers, with their knack for creating visually arresting content, bring to life the brand’s gourmet offerings. As winter heralds the festive season, the brand’s Instagram comes alive with Christmas cheer. 

From delectable recipes that evoke Yuletide nostalgia to tablescape inspirations that promise to be the talk of any holiday dinner, Marks and Spencer, with a little help from influencer collaborators like Zoe Sugg, ensures that the festive spirit is both worn and savored.

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Influencer marketing, with its authenticity and wide-reaching impact, serves as the perfect conduit to amplify the festive message of brands. As we’ve seen with the examples explored in this article, when the time-honored traditions of Christmas come together with the relatable narratives of influencers, the result is a campaign that not only drives consumer engagement but also tugs at the heartstrings.

The synergy between the festive season and influencer marketing demonstrates that, even in an age dominated by digital interactions, the essence of Christmas remains unchanging. 

It’s about connections, stories, and shared experiences. As brands continue to harness this dynamic duo, they’re not just promoting products or services; they’re crafting memories, fostering community, and celebrating the universal spirit of the holiday season.

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