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Product Review Videos are the FUTURE of Your FinTech Brand’s Credibility

93% of consumers rely on product reviews for purchase decisions, reports Podium, a premier conversion platform. For fintech brands, product review videos have the ability to expertly show products and services through the lens of the users and ultimately enhance conversion rates.

While there are many ways to review a product in today’s digital market, from written blogs to ratings, product review videos have taken center stage, especially in the FinTech sector. Product review videos offer an engaging and credible insight into financial products and services, making them stand out from other review formats. Using this type of video content helps the general public better understand and grasp complex FinTech products and services. Since only 33% of the world’s population is financially literate, it is crucial for us FinTech communicators to utilize mediums that can bridge the gap in literacy. For marketing directors, leveraging the influence of product review videos is vital in establishing trust and authenticity for a FinTech brand in a highly competitive market.

Shopee’s rewards system is a prime illustration of how product review videos hold immense value for both customers and business owners. Shopee, a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, has gained prominence due to its exceptional efficiency and customer-centric approach. Before diving into the details of this article, let’s explore how Shopee motivates its users to offer top-notch reviews.

Buyer’s ReviewCoins Reward from ShopeeCoins Reward from Review Prize PromotionTotal Coins Reward
100+ character review + photo OR video0.2 coins0.2 coins0.4 coins
100+ character review + photo AND video0.4 coins0.6 coins

The data above clearly shows that Shopee’s success can be attributed, in part, to its recognition of the importance of product reviews. By offering rewards, such as earning coins for writing reviews with photos or videos, Shopee encourages users to share their experiences and opinions. These coins can then be used to make additional purchases on the platform. 

Incentivizing product reviews not only boosts sales but also adds a personal touch to the products and brands being discussed. Recent research by Podium supports this idea, revealing that product reviews have a 93% influence on consumer purchasing decisions, surpassing the 73% influence of other digital marketing strategies. To better understand the key features and techniques that make product review videos so effective, let’s delve into six examples from YouTube and TikTok.  

Why GInvest is NOT for Me

In this engaging 11-minute YouTube video, finance influencer Charm de Leon shares her personal thoughts about GInvest with her vast audience of over 200 thousand subscribers. GInvest is a remarkable feature found in GCash, one of the leading e-wallet apps in the Philippines, boasting a staggering 50 million active users. The video serves as a product review, narrated a year after Charm’s own experience with the GCash investing service. Before diving in, she clarifies that her video serves as a personal reflection rather than financial advice.

The effectiveness of this product review video lies in Charm’s adept understanding of the YouTube platform and her skillful utilization of its features to effectively connect with her viewers. For instance, her active implementation of the chapterization feature allows her subscribers to effortlessly skip through irrelevant parts and revisit key highlights that cater to their specific needs. Moreover, Charm’s video description is thoughtfully crafted to address the pain points of her audience.

“Dealing with personal finances, especially since it’s not taught in school can be quite hard and confusing. I hope this video and this channel will help you out with the challenges we are facing right now with personal finance, entrepreneurship, and adulting in general.”

In her video description, de Leon acknowledges the difficulty and confusion that often accompany the management of personal finances, primarily because it is not taught in school. She expresses her hope that her video and channel will provide assistance to viewers, equipping them to tackle the challenges associated with personal finance, entrepreneurship, and adulting in a comprehensive manner. This communication style establishes de Leon as a relatable figure, capable of understanding and empathizing with her audience. Furthermore, her genuine approach to product reviews sets her apart as a finance influencer with an authentic perspective. As a result, Charm de Leon emerged as a trusted opinion leader in the fields of finance and technology. 

At the time of writing, the video accumulated more than 140 thousand views and received 178 comments. Among the comments, the one that stood out was from user @kuyarap.

“Agree to all points especially the reminder to know your own investing style, time horizon, and risk tolerance. If I can add, I think one other con is the fact that it’s accessible via phone. If you lose your phone and other people were able to guess your GCash MPIN (unlikely, but still possible), then you also risk losing all of your investments. I personally haven’t tried withdrawing my GInvest funds (I’m also down lol), but it’s important to point out that the ease of access is a double-edged sword.” 

The interaction between the finance influencer and one of her followers highlights the power of product review videos to ignite discussions and encourage engagement. These videos serve as a platform for exchanging ideas and sharing new information. Additionally, they play a crucial role in raising awareness, as exemplified by this comment.   

The BEST Digital Bank Abroad


So i did this best debit card test again since marami sa inyo nagsasabi na maganda raw rate ng MAYA and GoTYME, but my previous test says otherwise. But since I was in bankok a couple of days ago, I replicated this test yet again! TEST INCLUDES – GCash Mastercard (Visa Card did not arrive in time) – CIMB Visa – GoTyme Visa – Maya Visa All were done on Aug 21, tap to pay purchase, all items were also purchased in thai baht. Klook Klook Code: JAX5OFF or JACQUES5TT for 5% off your next Klook adventure. Available for Hotels, Adventures, Flights, Food, and so much more!! Save my Code on Sept 8-30 Get 7% off hotels using my code JACQUESJAX9BDAY #travelph #travel #FiestaNaSaTikTok #ballforall #gcash #maya #cimb #gotyme #gcashmastercard #gcashvisacard #mayavisa #gotymecard #fintok #fintiktok #longervideos #Creditcardph #creditcard101 #eduwok #edutok #FiestaNaSaTikTok #ballforall

♬ original sound – Jax – Jax

In this engaging and concise video, Finance content creator Jax effortlessly breaks down the overseas services offered by GCash Mastercard, GoTyme Visa, Maya Visa, and CIMB Visa. Jax shares his product review through a captivating anecdote from his trip to Thailand, effectively highlighting the pros and cons of these digital wallets when used abroad. He starts the video by emphasizing his genuine intention to provide insights and information to his viewers, showcasing his passion for content creation.

To simplify the technicalities of foreign exchange, Jax presents an infographic he created, illustrating the conversion rates from Thai Baht to Philippine Peso. By adopting this approach, he actively involves his audience in the conversation, avoiding the use of complex fintech jargon that may alienate them. This communication strategy demonstrates Jax’s understanding of his audience and potential viewers.

After conducting his experiment, Jax concludes that CIMB Visa and GCash Mastercard offer the best foreign conversion rates, both standing at 0%. In contrast, GoTyme Visa has a conversion rate of 1%, while Maya Visa has a rate of 2.75%. Despite the video’s brief duration of only 3 minutes, Jax expertly dissects the concept of conversion rates, explaining why understanding them is beneficial for travelers and digital bank users. 

In the video caption, Jax acknowledges that the information may only be applicable during his time in Thailand, highlighting his appreciation for transparency and the importance of fine print when it comes to finances and content creation.

At the time of writing, the TikTok video has garnered over 10 thousand views, 438 comments, 2,512 saves, and 495 shares. Two standout comments from users @ByxñoÉçnik and @luvlee further emphasize the impact and engagement the video has generated.

“Ganito dapat ang mga creator! Nagririsk for experiments, tapos may data ng result para convincing! I love this, good job!”

(EN) “This is how creators should be! They take risks for experiments, and they have data of the results to be convincing! I love this, good job!”

“sobrang perfect nyo po talaga mag content! kahit wala ako cards na ganyan, addtl info pa rin.”

(EN) “You are really great at creating content! Even though I don’t have those cards, it’s still additional information.”

The importance of well-made product review videos is emphasized by these comments. Such content motivates users and potential customers to explore the various services and products provided by digital banks and e-wallets. Additionally, the comments and interactions on this video demonstrate that FinTech’s target audience is intelligent, keen, and eager to learn. These valuable observations can inspire marketers and video creators to produce high-quality and informative product review videos. 

5 Things You Would Love & Hate About Maya Savings

Content creator Pat Quinto has transformed a listicle into an engaging product review video that delves into the 10 essential features of Maya Savings. Split into two parts, the video initially focuses on the five value-adding attributes of Maya as a savings account. The latter half then shifts its attention to the key areas that require improvement.

This product review video is a brilliant example for content producers who aim to captivate viewers unfamiliar with Maya’s services. One of the standout features highlighted in the video is Maya Saving’s seamless integration with Maya Wallet, which ensures a hassle-free account creation process for existing Maya Wallet users. Additionally, Maya’s exceptional 3.5% base p.a. interest rate outshines the meager 1% to 2% offered by traditional banks.

However, while discussing the downsides of this digital bank, one notable drawback is the inconvenience of transferring funds from Maya Savings to Maya Wallet when making purchases. Pat also emphasizes the 15-Peso fee associated with Maya’s InstaPay transfers, which can be considered costly compared to other digital wallets like Uno Bank, Sea Bank, and GoTyme that offer zero transaction fees.

Pat Quinto’s meticulous approach to this product review video not only benefits current Maya Savings users and Maya Wallet users but also entices potential users who have yet to open a Maya account. Furthermore, it exemplifies the effectiveness of employing a listicle format when reviewing digital banks.

At the time of writing, this video is a mere three days old and has already amassed over two thousand views and 33 comments. Among the engaging comments, one particularly noteworthy interaction comes from user @@naughtygas5876.

“Napakalinaw nyo boss magpaliwanag. Halos lahat ng video nyo ang daling intindihin. Yun sa iba kasi kung hindi kulang ang paliwanag ang hirap intindihin kahit na may video pa. Salamat boss Pat!! More power!!”

(EN) “Your explainer videos are very clear. All of your videos are easy to understand. Unlike others, their explanations are lacking, making it difficult to comprehend even with the presence of videos. Thank you, boss Pat!! More power!!”

This serves as a prime example that relying solely on a video format for a product review may not always yield the desired results. To truly captivate an audience, a product review video must encompass compelling storytelling, thorough research, and a solid grasp of the industry. These elements are crucial in ensuring that the video leaves a lasting impact. 

BEST Digital Bank for Students

This video stands out from the rest because it utilizes TikTok’s “reply to comment” feature. Gigi, the content creator, shares her personal financial experiences in a three-minute video, aiming to provide helpful advice to students searching for financial guidance. Right from the start, Gigi captivates her audience by inviting them to participate in the conversation. She asks them to comment on the digital banks they use and their reasons for choosing them, instantly engaging the viewers.

In this relaxed video, Gigi films herself inside a car, creating an atmosphere of a casual chat. By positioning herself as an online friend, she removes the intimidating aura surrounding finance. Throughout the video, Gigi delves into the essential factors that students should consider when selecting the perfect digital bank for their lifestyle. She highlights the significance of base interest rates, cash-in and transfer fees, money inflow and outflow, and daily spending habits. These are all crucial aspects to ponder when deciding on the right digital bank for oneself.

Gigi then shares a personal anecdote from her student days, when she relied solely on her allowance. The inflow of money greatly influenced her ability to save and invest. She emphasizes the importance of tailoring your digital banks to fit your existing lifestyle, rather than the other way around. It is crucial not to force yourself to spend more just for the sake of a higher interest rate. After all, money spent is money gone.

As mentioned earlier, Gigi starts her video with a call to action for her audience. Judging by the comments section, this technique worked effectively. Her viewers responded by leaving comments regarding their preferred digital banks. For instance, user @DarkGrim mentioned that,

for me gotyme bank, no transfer fees, 5% per annum (pero monthly ang dagdag) tapos free card. Sobrang sulit niya lalo na kapag may business ka”

(EN) “For me, Gotyme Bank. It offers no transfer fees, 5% interest per annum (but added monthly), and a free card. It’s really worth it, especially if you have a business.”

In addition to this, GoTyme’s official TikTok account  also engaged with the video.

“love this! great content!”

When watching this video, it’s crucial to recognize that the way it’s filmed, the treatments applied, and the chosen locations greatly impact how viewers perceive product review videos. Gigi’s smart utilization of her personal space creates a direct connection with her audience, motivating them to actively engage with the video.  

Spaylater Mommy Review

In this engaging video review, Mommy Ami shares her firsthand experience with SPayLater, Shopee’s convenient financial service that operates on a credit system. She describes how she relies on this feature when unexpected household expenses arise, allowing her to purchase items that were initially beyond her budget. Essentially, for Mommy Ami, SPayLater serves as a valuable emergency resource.

In her product review video, she demonstrates how the interests work and the impact it has on her purchasing decision. Mommy Ami uses her baby’s supplies as an example in this video. Over the course of two months, the total cost went from 781.70 pesos to 405.69 pesos per month, with only a small interest amount of 59.38 pesos. Shopee states that SPayLater offers an interest rate ranging from 1% to 5%, but in Mommy Ami’s case, it was a mere 1.04% interest. This example clearly showcases how SPayLater is truly beneficial for mommies like Mommy Ami, especially when compared to the average interest rate of 20.93% from traditional banks. Another noteworthy point she emphasizes is how SPayLater seamlessly integrates with ShopeePay, making bill payments hassle-free and efficient.

After sharing her personal journey, Mommy Ami stresses the importance of financial discipline when using SPayLater. It is crucial to only utilize this service if you have already planned and allocated funds to cover the bill. She also highlights Shopee’s strict payment policies, warning that legal actions can be taken if payments are not made on time.

As of now, the video has garnered over 51 thousand views and received more than 300 comments, mostly from fellow moms who express positive sentiments. One example is a comment from user @shayennemareeshahner9026.

“Sobrang straight forward walang paligoy ligoy! This is the vlog we all need di yung pinapatagal pa tapos di naman maintindihan. this is very helpful thank you ate!”

(EN) “Very straightforward without any beating around the bush! This is the vlog we all need, not the one that drags on without being understood. This is very helpful, thank you, Ate!”

This video showcases how video titles can greatly influence the reach of content. Mommy Ami’s clever use of the keywords “Mommy Review” in her title instantly grabs the attention of her target audience—mothers who are seeking solutions to their everyday challenges. By incorporating these keywords, Mommy Ami effectively communicates that her video addresses the specific concerns of mothers and highlights how SPayLater can provide relief. This example clearly demonstrates the significance of optimizing video titles to maximize their impact. 

LazPay or ShopeePay?


Spaylater vs Lazpaylater! Compare natin which is better! Click here (+) for more videos like this! #fyp #viral #adulting #edutok #fintok #tiktokskwela #personalfinance #financialcoach

♬ Be Happy – Upbeat Background Music – DmytroIgnatov

In this video, Joyce Tankeh, a content creator, takes us on an exciting journey as she visually compares LazPay and ShopeePay using eye-catching graphics. With her engaging approach, Joyce guides us through six categories, including the application process, eligible items, credit limits, processing fees, late payment fees, and alternatives.

Among these six categories, three stand out the most: credit limit, processing fee, and late payment fee. These categories capture our attention because they delve into the realm of numbers. When it comes to financial matters, we naturally gravitate towards videos that provide us with insightful information backed by figures. Joyce expertly highlights the differences, such as LazPay’s credit limit of 15,000 pesos compared to SPayLater’s more flexible range of 5,000 to 50,000 pesos. She also mentions that LazPay has no handling fees, while SPayLater charges 1% to 2% in processing fees. These valuable details are precisely what viewers seek, and Joyce presents them in a way that is easily digestible and accessible.

As of now, the video has amassed an impressive 198 likes, 21 comments, 19 saves, and 13 shares. The comments section is buzzing with inquiries about the services offered by these e-wallets. One standout comment comes from user @_its.me_Val.

“100% sure po ba ung approval rate pag passport id ginamit? may offer sken lc lazpaylater.”

(EN) “Is the approval rate really 100% when using a passport ID? I was offered LazPayLater.”

Joyce can greatly benefit from these types of comments when it comes to creating content. By gaining an understanding of the sentiments expressed in her comment section, she can generate fresh content based on common questions and provide additional information. This product review video serves as an excellent illustration of how engagement analysis can help curate the types of videos you produce.   

Key Takeaways 

After analyzing the six product review videos, we have gathered seven valuable insights that can greatly enhance your next video project. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Practice what you preach. To create a high-quality product review, it is essential to actually use the product. This will provide you with a deeper understanding and unique perspective that can greatly enhance your review video.
  • Determine the type of video you want to create. Will it be a versus video, a listicle, or a vlog? Selecting the appropriate video type that aligns with the key message of your product review will ensure effective communication.
  • Tailor your video treatment to cater to your target audience’s preferences. Do they prefer videos with carefully curated camera angles and lighting, or do they resonate more with videos shot on a phone? Choosing the right treatment will help you reach the right audience.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with infographics and other visualization mediums to simplify complex concepts related to finance. A simple Venn diagram or flowchart can greatly improve the quality of your content.
  • Utilize the right keywords in your titles and video descriptions. Identifying the keywords that your target audience searches for will ensure that your video reaches them. A well-crafted title and video description can significantly enhance the impact of your content.
  • Explore how you can leverage the features of your chosen platform. Platform selection is important. For example, look into how YouTube’s chapterization can enhance engagement and improve your content structure.
  • Lastly, analyze your engagements and insights. The comments from your audience serve as a valuable resource to identify the pain points of your target audience. By utilizing this resource, you can effectively create video content that addresses their concerns, establishing yourself as a trustworthy opinion leader.

In today’s digital market, video content reigns supreme. It is time to fully embrace it, even in the simplest product reviews. There is no shame in producing straightforward and concise video content. In the realm of fintech, where complexity already exists, the most effective videos are the ones that stick to the basics.

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