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These PH Digital Banks Are Nailing Their Online Video Ads

According to a recent global study by the World Bank, only 25% of Filipinos are financially literate. With the rise of e-wallets and digital banking, videos can simplify complex financial information and enhance knowledge retention by 95%.

The digital revolution is causing a shift in the Philippine financial landscape, especially with the rise of e-wallets. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas reports that in 2022, almost 42% of Filipinos adopted digital payments, marking a 12% increase from about 30% in 2021. This demand for quick, secure, and hassle-free transactions has led to the rise of several e-wallet platforms, with GCash, PayMaya, and standing out among the rest thanks to their user-friendly interfaces and innovative features.

Online video ads have become a crucial tool for digital banks in the face of this increasing demand. According to a Wyzowl survey, 8 out of 10 consumers are more likely to choose a product or service after viewing a video ad. But a video’s success doesn’t depend on high-quality production alone. Identifying and understanding the target audience are also key. By creating content that’s tailored to audience needs and preferences, e-wallet companies won’t just get views on their videos, they’ll also resonate deeply with consumers and encourage them to embrace their brand of digital banking.

In this article, we’ll go through a curated list of standout video ads from Philippine digital banks to see how audience-aware content hits the mark.

1. GCash Stories: Turing

In this video campaign, we follow the story of Turing, a renowned Filipino drag queen who gained fame from the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Philippines. The narrative paints Turing not just as an entertainer but also as the primary provider of her family, handling expenses from rent to utilities to even tuition fees.

When the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic struck, stringent health guidelines meant Turing couldn’t continue her regular performances. Yet, Turing didn’t let this knock her down. In the face of hardship, she found a way to remain resourceful. She switched to online live shows, broadcasting her performances from her home and accepting donations via GCash.

The campaign highlights GCash as more than just a digital wallet. It’s a lifeline for people like Turing who are everyday workers and breadwinners. Through Turing’s journey, GCash demonstrates the power and convenience of its platform.

2. Union Bank: It’s Time to Break Free!

The video ad captures the monotony of daily commutes and work through office workers dressed up as ants to capture the routinary life of a colony. Everything changes when one “ant” spots a glimmer of light through a crack, igniting a desire in all of them to escape.

Through the video, Union Bank tells viewers that they go beyond the usual. Their services are reserved for those bold enough to step out of their comfort zones to seek growth and self-improvement. Union Bank champions those who dare to challenge the norm.

3. CIMB Bank: Move Forward to Live Your Purpose

This intimate interview-style video weaves together the stories of five very different people. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they share a common thread—they all have regrets. As the video unfolds, each interviewee explores their past mistakes and reflects on how they would handle things differently with the wisdom they’ve since gained.

The campaign frames CIMB as a beacon of hope for those who’ve stumbled. The bank invites everyone to embrace a second chance in life, that it’s never truly over.

4. Join The Coins Movement

This upbeat video ad from puts three unique personas under the spotlight: a gaming streamer, a busy executive, and an avid traveler. Despite their differences, they all need the same thing—a capable digital bank. The ad demonstrates how caters to different financial needs, regardless of lifestyle.

The campaign is designed to appeal to consumers with careers that veer away from conventional 9-to-5 jobs. This positions as a fintech leader that aligns with the needs of innovative, modern lifestyles.

5. Maya: Hope presents Liza

This Maya video campaign synchronizes flawlessly with Liza Soberano’s rebranding launch. Incorporating mixed media elements, the video depicts Liza breaking away from the roles that have held her career back previously. The campaign encapsulates her pursuit of autonomy and originality, embodying her fight for freedom.

By partnering with Liza during her transformation, Maya aligns its own rebranding to mirror her newfound independence and creativity. This positions Maya as a digital bank that caters to financially independent Filipinos. The campaign reaches out to those daring to transition from traditional banks to digital platforms. It targets consumers who are continuously self-discovering in an era where our purchases and consumption habits reflect our identity.

6. GoTyme: Go Humans

GoTyme’s video campaign puts a spotlight on Andie Estrada, the driving force behind Rural Rising PH, an initiative that aims to connect Filipino farmers with a broader market. In an intimate interview, Andie discusses the inception, mission, and goals of her organization. Throughout the video, we see footage of farmers seeking help in distributing their surplus produce. This excess has caused produce prices to plummet, leaving the farmers at a financial disadvantage. Rural Rising PH aims to address this crisis by finding buyers willing to purchase surplus at a fair price.

In this documentary-style video, GoTyme positions itself as a financial ally for Filipino entrepreneurs. By highlighting Andie’s efforts, GoTyme seamlessly aligns its corporate values with the noble mission of Rural Rising PH.

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What’s Next?

For digital banks in the Philippines, truly connecting with the audience is more than just a marketing strategy; it’s the cornerstone of success. The campaigns listed above show that the most impactful videos aren’t just visually appealing. They also resonate with the audience on a personal level, addressing real-life challenges and aiming for the same aspirations. Given the current state of financial literacy in the country, it’s crucial for these banks to emphasize the tangible benefits they offer. In turn, they do more than inform by also strengthening the trust of their viewers.

The power of understanding the audience cannot be understated in the fintech sector. It’s clear that while the path to a financially educated Philippines is ongoing, digital banks are at the forefront. With audience-focused campaigns, they’re not just promoting services but forging deeper connections, building trust, and driving change in the financial landscape.

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