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Best Stock Video Sites for Hassle-Free Video Editing in 2023

Looking for the best stock video site in 2023? In this guide, we break down the top choices that promise hassle-free and effective video editing. Check out our recommendations for quality videos, ease of use, and cost. 

In today’s fast-paced world, videos are a go-to for businesses looking to catch people’s attention. Yet, making a video from scratch can be time-consuming and costly. This is where stock video sites come in handy, providing ready-to-use videos that can easily be added to your projects. But with so many options out there, how do you pick the right one? In this guide, we narrow down the best stock video sites available in 2023, focusing on the quality of videos they offer, how easy they are to use, and their cost to help you make informed decisions. Stick with us as we explore the top choices that promise to make video editing hassle-free and effective this year.

1. Adobe Stock

With an extensive collection of top-notch videos, music, and templates, Adobe Stock is a go-to platform for creators. It has become the go-to platform for those in need of creative assets. Premiere Pro users have a special affinity for this software, as it has earned its reputation as the industry standard for collaborative video editing. What sets Adobe Stock apart is its remarkable ability to seamlessly integrate with Creative Cloud apps. This integration allows users to effortlessly incorporate video and image resources directly into their Premiere Pro projects. No need to deal with the inconvenience of switching between different windows or applications. This smooth setup not only saves time but also makes the creative process much more straightforward. Adding to its appeal are the flexible pricing options; whether you prefer a subscription for unlimited access or just want to pay-as-you-go with credit packs, there’s a plan for every budget. In simple terms, Adobe Stock meets different needs gracefully, making video project upgrades a breeze for Premiere Pro enthusiasts.

Before you get your Adobe Stock subscription, you might want to take this information into account:

Library Size and Diversity of Content Adobe Stock has a large population of contributors, encompassing artists from different mediums. As of this writing, Adobe Stock boasts having over 200 million royalty-free assets. Their library consists of videos, photos, illustrations, vectors, and audio.  
Video Quality Standard sizes are:1920×1080 (HD)2048×1080 (2K)3840×2160 (UHD)4096×2160 (4K)4096×2304 (4K-16×9)
Licensing and Usage Rights Adobe Stock Licensing and Usage Rights
Pricing for Individual Use  Adobe Stock Pricing for Individual Use 
Pricing for Team Use Adobe Stock Pricing for Team Use
Integration with Editing Software Because Adobe Stock is integrated into the Adobe Creative Cloud, users can easily access this extensive resource library through popular software such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Google Slides. Additionally, users can also explore various other plugins available through this platform.
Community and Support The Adobe Support Community is always buzzing with activity. Each month, around 100 fresh conversations pop up, making this forum the perfect place for creatives to seek assistance and receive valuable feedback.
Educational Resources Adobe Stock offers helpful tips and tricks on their website, By exploring their blog section, you have the opportunity to read and learn from various insightful articles, including:
Adobe Stock Basics
Upload videos to Adobe Stock
Royalty-free video footage from Adobe Stock
Competitive Edge One of the major advantages of using Adobe Stock is its seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. This integration allows creatives to directly access and license assets from Adobe Stock without having to leave their preferred design software. This saves valuable time and effort, making the entire process of acquiring resources more efficient.

Our team of creatives uses Adobe Stock to get great pictures and videos for our work, helping us show off our clients the right way. Because it works so well with other Adobe tools, we can quickly add these to our projects. With so many options in Adobe Stock, finding the right one for our needs is a snap. It makes our job easier, letting us create great-looking videos without any fuss.

2. Storyblocks

In 2023, Storyblocks stands out as one of the top stock video sites, offering a wealth of royalty-free media, including videos, audio clips, and templates, helping you spice up your creative projects. The platform is user-friendly with plans to suit various budgets: you have the all-encompassing Unlimited All-Access Plan, the video-centric Unlimited Video Plan, and a budget-friendly Basic Video Plan. Whichever you pick, you can use the assets freely in your commercial projects without worrying about extra charges. Simply put, Storyblocks is your go-to for a vast selection of quality media and straightforward pricing, making it a favorite in 2023.

Before finalizing your Storyblocks subscription, this information might be useful:

Library Size and Diversity of Content Storyblocks offers a wide range of stock footage, catering to various themes such as aerial shots, medical scenarios, and celebrations. This comprehensive stock video library has all your needs covered. 
Video Quality Storyblocks offers both HD and 4k videos to its subscribers. 
Licensing and Usage Rights Storyblocks Licensing and Usage Rights
Pricing for Individual and Team Use  Storyblocks Pricing for Individual Use 
Integration with Editing Software Just like Adobe Stock, users have the convenience of smoothly integrating their Storyblocks footage into their Adobe Creative Cloud. On top of this handy feature, Storyblocks offers its very own online video editing platform called Makers, as well as Makers for Teams. These platforms allow users to streamline their workflow and increase efficiency. It’s important to note that Makers for Teams is exclusively available to subscribers of the Business Plan.
Community and Support Storyblocks has a fantastic website where they have compiled a collection of frequently asked questions. All inquiries were answered by the talented team behind Storyblocks. If you’re looking for some answers or guidance, I highly recommend checking out this helpful forum. To access it, simply click here.
Educational Resources Storyblocks offers blogs and how-tos to help users navigate its services. You can access these valuable resources here.
Competitive Edge The pricing is what makes this stock library different. For just $30 a month, video editors have the freedom to download unlimited resources. This budget-friendly option allows users to redirect their funds for other projects.

If you’re a video producer juggling multiple projects each month, then Storyblocks is the perfect solution for you. With its budget-friendly plans, you can effortlessly create top-notch video content for your clients without breaking the bank.

3. Pond5

Pond5 is a top choice if you’re after a stock video site with a huge variety of content. Not only do they boast the largest collection of videos to suit any creative project, but they also offer stunning high-quality cinematic clips that can really make your work pop. Worried about legal issues? Pond5 has got you covered with straightforward licensing options for all sorts of users, including businesses. Plus, they have pricing plans to fit all budgets and needs. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, it’s an excellent resource for video creators.

Thinking of getting a Pond5 subscription? Don’t overlook this information.

Library Size and Diversity of Content Pond5 has an impressive library of more than 30 million stock footage, catering to a wide range of subjects including science, technology, and the corporate realm. Moreover, they offer an extensive collection of archived and editorial footage, readily available for your convenience. This vast video library is an absolute powerhouse for video producers, enabling them to effortlessly create captivating video projects across various industries. 
Video Quality Pond5 offers video in HD and 4K quality.
Licensing and Usage Rights Pond5 Licensing and Usage Rights
Monthly Cost Pond5 Monthly Cost
Yearly Cost Pond5 Yearly Cost
Integration with Editing Software You can easily integrate Pond5 into your workspaces in Premiere Pro and After Effects. This is great news for creatives who are already familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud.
Community and Support You can easily access Pond5’s Help Center through their website. The layout is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for users to find answers to their concerns. 
Educational Resources Pond5 regularly shares blogs on its website to help its users stay updated on the latest trends, offering guides and helpful how-tos. Moreover, Pond5 provides additional support through its YouTube channel, where you can access tutorials that will enhance your video editing skills.
Competitive Edge One of the biggest advantages of Pond5 is the sheer size of its library. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to have access to more than 30 million stock footage options?

Pond5 is the ideal platform for video producers who work with clients across various industries. Whether it’s science, technology, entertainment, or education, Pond5 has everything you need.

4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock–a prominent figure in the stock video market–is a one-stop shop for all your creative needs, offering a gigantic library of over 730 million videos, images, and more. In a major move, they acquired Pond5 in May 2022, adding even more value to their service. Now, a Shutterstock subscription not only gives you access to a plethora of high-quality assets at affordable prices but also includes exclusive Pond5 content, widening your range of choices for any project. Essentially, it’s a reliable and budget-friendly option to find just the right materials to take your creative projects to the next level. Whether for crafting videos, graphics designing, or creating content, Shutterstock has something for everyone.

While Shutterstock is already well-known in the stock video industry, don’t overlook this valuable information when you’re considering getting your subscription.

Library Size and Diversity of Content With a massive collection of over 730 million videos, images, and music, Shutterstock stands tall as the ultimate destination for all your creative needs. At present, no other platform can boast a stock footage library as vast and diverse as Shutterstock’s.
Video Quality This library has videos from SD, HD, and 4K.
PERMITTED Uses Shutterstock Permitted Uses
PROHIBITED Uses Shutterstock Prohibited Uses
Pricing for INDIVIDUAL Use Shutterstock Pricing for Individual Use
Pricing for TEAM Uses Shutterstock Pricing for Team Use
Integration with Editing Software Shutterstock images can be utilized in computer software, video games, and mobile apps, providing a wide range of possibilities. With the Standard and Enhanced Licenses, you have the freedom to make unlimited copies and digitally distribute them, adding even more value to your creations.
Community and Support Among the list, Shutterstock’s support page stands out as one of the most organized and user-friendly. It promptly provides you with the answers you need, without diverting your attention to other products or services. Moreover, this support page is efficiently filtered, enabling smooth and swift navigation.
Educational Resources The Beat, Shutterstock’s handy resource site, is brimming with articles that provide invaluable support for video editors and producers as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of the creative industry. The focal point of this remarkable platform is everything related to post production.
Competitive Edge Shutterstock stands out for its commitment to sustainability and constant innovation. As one of the pioneers in making stock libraries accessible to the public, it has evolved its services to embrace the power of artificial intelligence. While Shutterstock has already become a familiar name among creatives, it remains unafraid to adapt to the ever-changing times and guide them in both embracing and setting new trends.

Having this information in mind, it becomes clear that subscribing to Shutterstock can be a fantastic choice for any creative individual. It is a proven, trustworthy, and forward-thinking platform, just like the kind of creative person you aspire to be!

5. MotionElements

MotionElements is a notable choice in the realm of stock video sites, serving as a one-stop shop for creative professionals worldwide. The platform stands out with its extensive and diverse offerings, including free stock videos, 4K resolution clips, animated backgrounds, 3D models, and royalty-free music, catering to a broad spectrum of creative needs. It offers a localized experience, connecting buyers and sellers globally and presenting a rich and culturally diverse range of content. A highlight of their service is the unlimited download feature available with subscription plans, allowing users to freely explore and experiment with a vast array of visuals for their projects. Whether you are looking for diverse content options or an extensive library to choose from, MotionElements ensures a user-friendly experience packed with benefits for your creative endeavors.

We recommend reviewing this information before buying your MotionElements subscription.

Royalty Free License At present, MotionElements boasts an expansive collection of 7 million stock footage, animation assets, motion graphic elements, and 3D models.
Video Quality The stock library offers assets from SD, HD, to 4K. 
Royalty-Free License Motion Elements Royalty-Free License
Pricing Motion Elements Pricing
Integration with Editing Software Video editors have the ability to seamlessly merge MotionElements’ library with popular editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and Notion.
Community and Support MotionElements provides a user-friendly resource center to address your needs. Their website is neat, uncomplicated, and effortless to navigate, reflecting their no-nonsense approach to service.
Educational Resources The library’s user guide is readily accessible on their website. It is designed to be user-friendly for both aspiring and experienced creatives. The guide showcases MotionElements as a versatile tool that is suitable for any kind of creative work, ensuring that it is approachable for everyone.
Competitive Edge Out of the five options, MotionElements stands out with its extensive collection of diverse media in their library. This makes it an ideal choice for social media content creators, animators, motion graphic artists, and even web designers. MotionElements has a contemporary perspective on creative media that perfectly aligns with the modern taste.

MotionElements is the ideal library for multimedia artists seeking access to a variety of assets. This comprehensive collection includes animation assets, motion graphics elements, and 3D models that will greatly enhance your work. By saving time on asset creation, you can fully immerse yourself in the creative process and effectively manage your projects.

What’s Next?

Before we conclude this article, let’s do a quick review of the stock video sites we discussed:

  • Adobe Stock: Ideal for creatives working in larger teams. As this library is integrated into your Adobe Creative Cloud, collaborating on multiple projects with multiple creatives is seamless and efficient.
  • Storyblocks: This library is great for creative professionals who work with clients from various industries. Storyblocks offers the necessary assets at affordable price points.
  • Pond5: Tailored for creatives who prefer streamlining their processes. With access to stock videos, photos, sound effects, and video effects, Pond5 allows you to complete extensive projects without relying on other online libraries.
  • Shutterstock: Boasting over 730 million available resources, this online library can meet the requirements of any project. However, due to its price points, Shutterstock is most suitable for creatives with a steady income flow.
  • MotionElements: The perfect online library for the modern creative. Its resources cater perfectly to the needs of a social media-driven world. If you work with clients following the Business-to-consumer model, MotionElements will be your ideal partner.

In today’s market, where videos rule the roost, it’s not just about having high-quality videos for your marketing campaigns; it’s also about having a lot of them. And to keep up with this demand, online stock video libraries come to the rescue. They are a valuable resource that allows you to create more top-notch videos without breaking the bank. So, if you want to stay ahead of the game, it’s high time you find the perfect stock video site that can fulfill your requirements and fit your budget.  

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