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5 Filipino Med Students to Follow on TikTok

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of medical students, or med students, using social media to connect with others within and outside the healthcare industry. Furthermore, it’s become a space for them to gather knowledge, learn from each other, and build a community around a shared passion for health. 

TikTok serves as a leading platform that integrates learning and entertainment through snackable videos—perfect for med students. As of writing, the #MedStudentPH hashtag on TikTok would show you that it has amassed 209.3M views. While the most popular hashtags on the site would gather trillions, hundreds of millions of views are still indicative not only of the sheer volume of content from med students around the Philippines but also the kind of value people find in it.

Here’s a few of the most popular Filipino med students on TikTok now:

Elle Malana (@elle.malana)


Elle is a registered medical technologist, 4th-year med student, and mental health advocate. With her more mature and experienced take on medicine, she guides viewers through both the technical and emotional aspects of the practice. She also uses her wide knowledge to answer FAQs of common health concerns among her followers, ranging from diets to female reproductive health.

Noie Vilela (@noievilela)


Noie is known for her funny and no filter TikToks depicting the ups and downs of medical school. As a clerk, these involve a lot of “mini journals” of her experiences on hospital duty which give viewers a glimpse of what it’s like working in multiple wards and different kinds of shifts. This makes her videos surprisingly full of heart as well, as the authenticity that goes into each TikTok clearly shows just how passionate and knowledgeable Noie is about her field.

Nate Argelio (@nateargelio)


Even though Nate is fairly new to medical school (he just got in May of 2022), he doesn’t waste the opportunity to share new lessons and insights as he navigates through his first year. He offers a lot of helpful advice for aspiring doctors, plus study tips and materials for other students also taking up pre-med courses.

Bela Legaspi (@beli.button)


Bela treats her TikTok as a “romanticized medschool diary” where she posts about her experiences as a third year med student. From sharing her honest thoughts on the specializations introduced at their level to raving about the newest jug she just bought, her “diary” shows viewers how she balances her life as both a doctor-in-training and go-getter Gen Z. 

Kayne Hernandez (@kaynehernandez)


Kayne’s TikToks range from useful everyday advice for her peers, academic help (which includes specific tips for certain programs at her university), and very candid excerpts of her life as a med student. While Kayne does not shy away from showing her more personal side in her TikToks, she also doesn’t forget to remind her followers to take care of themselves in the process. She can usually be seen promoting exercise, proper sleep, and even skincare—all backed by her growing expertise as a future doctor. 

Through their social media presence, med students provide a window into the world of healthcare education and training, bringing the public health sector closer to more people within and outside their field—and to audiences typically younger like them too. From uploading educational vlogs to hopping on trending meme formats, med students bring their own brand of health communications that’s fresh, dynamic, and most importantly, relatable. 

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