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Key Social Media Marketing Trends of 2024

An emphasis on authentic connections is apparent in building stronger, more engaging digital communities. By adapting to this year’s social media marketing trends, brands can foster greater trust and relevance in the digital landscape.

Over the last year, we’ve seen AI start to play a bigger role in how content is made and shared on social media platforms. These changes are still happening and there are more to come. Let’s look into the latest developments in the online world and get ready for new social media marketing trends.

Relatable Human Content

In today’s online landscape, authenticity is king. This trend is evident in several emerging strategies:

The Value of Edutainment

The trend of integrating playfulness in content creation is gaining traction. Brands and content creators are now focusing on producing content that not only informs but also entertains. This approach is particularly effective with the rise of short-form vertical videos. Much like  Isa Does Tech when featuring new products, by adding a dash of fun and personality, brands can tap creators of must-watch content.


First look at the #SonyWF1000XM5 and I’m already impressed! So many features – will talk about more on the next video 👀 Meantime, get these on Lazada, Shopee & Tiktok Shop, link in IG stories! #AD #Sony #SonyPhilippines #ForTheMusic

♬ original sound – Isa does tech

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Authentic Influencer Collaboration

The role of influencers is becoming more crucial and nuanced in the realm of content marketing. Unlike traditional celebrity endorsements, today’s influencer collaborations are about genuine connections and relatable content. Micro-influencers, in particular, with their dedicated followings, are proving to be powerful allies for brands. Their ability to create entertaining and authentic content is reshaping how brands interact with their audiences.

AI and Personalization

AI-driven changes are shifting the marketing scene by blending superior user experiences with tailored content. Because most unprofessional AI-generated content lacks authenticity, crafting a connection and making each interaction feel unique and directly relevant is now what marketers aim for. Companies are harnessing AI to ensure their messages resonate with their audience, making people feel they’re receiving something designed just for them.

Dynamic Content for the Modern Audience

Social media platforms like TikTok are reshaping how businesses approach their marketing strategies. TikTok is all about high-energy, short-form video content that appeals to a younger, visually-driven audience. It’s perfect for reaching Gen Z users who are used to consuming bite-sized, engaging content.

This doesn’t mean creators have to exclusively upload short videos on TikTok. Other platforms like YouTube, which is known for long-form videos, now also offer Shorts. Creators can leverage short-form videos to engage with their existing subscribers. Creators like  Gio San Pedro can emulate trends, appealing visuals, and playful content seen on TikTok to reach the younger members of their communities.

As we dive into the social media marketing trends of 2024, it’s clear that using advanced AI technology and maintaining real, honest connections are key to successful campaigns. By embracing these authentic marketing strategies, brands can create deeper connections with their audience.


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