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6 Influencers Taking Over #HealthTok Now

Health experts on TikTok (#HealthTok) provide a trusted and reliable source of medical information in an easily accessible and engaging format. By breaking down complex medical topics into bite-sized, easy-to-understand pieces, these medical influencers, or medfluencers, help bridge the gap between the medical community and the TikTok-loving masses—1 billion users across 154 countries, to be exact.

Here are 6 licensed healthcare professionals, local and international, who use the short-form platform to educate the public about various medical topics. They include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals. From quick explainers to funny skits, they not only specialize in their fields but also a range of #HealthToks that rake in millions of views.

1. Morgan McSweeney, Ph.D. (@dr.noc)

Morgan is a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences and immunology who has established himself as a trusted voice in the TikTok medical community over the COVID-19 pandemic. Going by Dr. Noc on social media, he shares quick educational and informative content related to various medical topics, such as common health conditions, medical procedures, and health tips. Sticking to his purpose of debunking misinformation on COVID-19, he has since moved on to debunking other myths and misconceptions concerning our health. 

2. Arshie Larga, Pharm.D. (@arshielife)


Lagi tayong nire-resetahan nito, pero paano nga ba gumagana ang antibiotic na Co-Amoxiclav?

♬ original sound – Arshie Larga – Arshie Larga

Arshie is a Filipino pharmacist who’s best known for his short explainers on his bread and butter, medicine. Much like how our favorite teacher from high school makes learning new topics fun, Arshie takes his vast expertise as a pharmacist, from prescription drugs to over-the-counter cures, and shares it in a way that doesn’t make viewers feel dumb. His informative, sometimes even heartwarming, content has earned him the nickname of “the Philippines’ next Health secretary.”

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3. Maggie Printz, M.D. (@magnoliaprintzmd)


#stitch with @pattypopculture Please let your anesthesia team know if you are on it. There have been case reports of patients with full stomachs despite not eating or drinking for 12 or more hours before surgery. A full stomach can increase the risk of aspiration which is a serious medical complication. #ozempic #ozempicweightloss #doctorsoftiktok #kimkardashian #medication #anesthesia

♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

Maggie is a board certified anaesthesiologist who shares her expertise from years in the operating room, from must-knows before a surgery to funny, relatable takes of her experiences during one. She also believes in shedding a more human light on medical training and the subsequent profession, while openly talking about how it is to be a wife and mother alongside her full-time practice. 

4. Winston Kilimanjaro Creones Tiwaquen, M.D. (@dockilimanguru)

A quick look at the profile of Winston Tiwaquen, more popularly known to Dr. Kilimanguru, would give you an idea of how he’s the go-to general consultant for the most common and burning health concerns of millions of Filipinos. His mile-a-minute FAQ videos (literally) are straightforward, rapid-fire, and posted daily, once or twice a day. This has allowed him to establish his presence and build his kili-kili community (trans. “armpit”) online.

In 2021, Dr. Kilimanguru won the Top Creative Award from the first ever TikTok Awards Philippines. Currently, he also uses his platform to direct patients to book teleconsultations with him.

5. Riyan Portuguez, RPsy, RPm (@yourmillennialpsych)


Mental health quiz part 2 with answers agad! ❤️ #TikTokQuiz #eduwow #mentalhealth #edutiktok

♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

Riyan is a licensed psychologist who creates content that advocates for mental health, sharing small to big ways her viewers can care for theirs. She takes on a mentor or counselor role for her viewers by actively responding to their questions with healthy advice, while also inviting potential clients to book her professional services. Additionally, she shares knowledge and motivation for other aspiring mental health professionals. 

6. Will Flanary, M.D. (@drglaucomflecken

As a 6th grader, Will Flanary only wanted to do two things: Be a doctor and tell jokes. Better known as Dr. Glaucomflecken on social media, Will makes skits about life as a healthcare worker from residency to practice, usually starring a slew of specialists all played by himself. At the same time, he imparts medical knowledge in a niche yet entertaining way. Like Maggie, he uses his platform to “promote humanity, and a healthy sense of humor, in healthcare.”

Medfluencers on TikTok also play an important role in addressing the spread of misinformation on the internet by providing accurate and evidence-based information on health topics. Through their engaging and educational content, medfluencers play an important role in improving public health literacy and empowering individuals to make more informed decisions about their health.

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