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5 Things Facebook Can Do that Instagram Can’t

Uncover the distinct features that make Facebook the go-to platform for brands, and what it can offer that Instagram doesn’t. While the latter may be better for posting images, the former still beats it in many other ways. 

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have transformed how we connect, share, and engage with content online. While both are powerhouses that offer unique ways to interact with audiences, they’re not without their differences

Facebook, with its broader feature set, offers functionalities that Instagram lacks, catering to a more diverse user base and usage scenarios. Knowing these differences is key to choosing the right platform to run your next campaign on. 

In this article, we’ll explore five distinct features that set Facebook apart from Instagram, highlighting the versatility and utility Facebook brings to its users.

1. Post text on its own 

Facebook allows users to post text updates without the need for accompanying images or videos, a feature that Instagram lacks. This allows for more straightforward, text-based communication, letting users share thoughts, updates, or announcements directly. 

Whether it’s a lengthy personal reflection or a quick shout-out, Facebook’s text post option caters to those who prefer the written word over visual content. 

This feature makes Facebook a versatile platform for detailed storytelling, engaging discussions, and diverse content sharing that doesn’t always fit the visually-centric nature of Instagram.

2. Lets you build a detailed bio 

Facebook distinguishes itself by offering users the ability to craft a detailed bio, providing the space to describe who they are, and what they stand for. 

Unlike Instagram, which restricts bio lengths to 150 characters, Facebook’s more lenient character limit allows for a more comprehensive introduction. This feature is particularly beneficial for brands and public figures looking to convey their mission, values, and offerings in depth. 

A detailed Facebook bio ensures that audiences gain a clear understanding of a brand’s identity, fostering better engagement and connection right from the profile page.

3. Function better on a desktop 

While Instagram does have a desktop version, its features and usability are limited compared to its mobile counterpart. Facebook, however, provides users with the full suite of functionalities on desktop, including detailed profile management, easier navigation, and the ability to create and participate in groups or events comfortably. 

This desktop optimization makes Facebook a more versatile tool for users who prefer or need to manage their social media from a computer, enhancing productivity and user engagement for businesses and individuals alike.

4. Connect you to a wider, more diverse audience

Facebook’s global reach and diverse user base set it apart, connecting people across a wider range of demographics than Instagram. With users spanning various ages, interests, and locations, Facebook offers unparalleled access to a broad audience. 

This diversity is further enriched by Facebook’s myriad of interest groups and community pages, allowing for targeted engagement within niche communities. 

Whether it’s reaching older generations who may be less present on Instagram or connecting with people through shared interests, Facebook’s platform is uniquely positioned to broaden your social reach, making it a great tool for marketers aiming to maximize their engagement.

After all, how can you hope to make an impact if you don’t have an audience? Engagement is the holy grail of marketing, and Facebook is the best way to get a lot of it. 

5. Add links to posts

Facebook also allows users to embed links directly into their posts, a feature Instagram lacks. This is crucial for directing traffic to external websites, whether it’s for sharing articles, promoting products, or linking to other resources. 

Take the following post, for instance. Thanks to Facebook’s functionality, including the ability to embed links into posts, this campaign can direct its audience to the right platforms to help them find out more.

Influencer Campaign Strategy for Brazilian Embassy and BRF Global | Anjo Resurreccion

On Instagram, users are limited to placing a single link in their bio or occasionally using the “Swipe Up” feature in stories for accounts meeting certain criteria. 

Facebook’s flexibility in this area enhances content richness and user engagement, providing direct pathways for further exploration, shopping, or reading, thereby significantly benefiting content creators, marketers, and businesses aiming to drive web traffic and conversions.

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Ultimately, Instagram and Facebook are two entirely different apps. While the platforms share similar features and do overlap on certain fronts, their differences are significant enough to impact your campaign if you run it on the wrong site. 

That’s why knowing and noting the gaps between them matters. Ensure you’re making the most out of your social media management by staying on top of different sites’ functionality. 


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