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What Made These 4 Filipino Influencer Partnerships A Success?

In this article, we explore four remarkable Filipino influencer partnerships that set new standards in the industry. From heartwarming campaigns to relatable parenting solutions, each one reveals the power of matching the right influencer with the right message. 

What sets certain collaborations apart? Why do some influencer partnerships soar while others falter? These are the questions that you need to be thinking about if you want your influencer campaigns to have any impact.  

In this article, we delve into the stories behind four standout Filipino influencer partnerships that worked well. From the synergy of brand values to the innovative use of digital platforms, we unravel the threads of success woven into these collaborations. Let’s explore what made these partnerships flourish, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

1. Cornetto’s #CONEfessions with Kyle Echarri and Joao Constancia 

Cornetto’s #CONEfessions campaign, a hit on Twitter (now X), featured heartthrobs Kyle Echarri and Joao Constancia in a charmingly interactive narrative. It resonated deeply with the Filipino audience, blending our love for romance with the thrill of audience participation.

At its core, #CONEfessions centered around Kyle and Joao seeking advice on confessing to a crush, cleverly intertwining the innocence of first love with the delight of a Cornetto. Fans were not just spectators but active contributors, sharing personal advice and stories and amplifying the campaign’s reach and impact.

Key to its success were:

  1. Engaging Storyline: Tapping into the Filipinos’ penchant for ‘kilig’ moments, the campaign’s sweet, relatable narrative mirrored the joy of enjoying a Cornetto.
  2. Cultural Connection: Leveraging the Filipino interest in romantic themes, Cornetto brought these stories to life, striking a chord with the audience.

Cornetto’s #CONEfessions exemplifies how blending cultural insights with influencer authenticity can turn a marketing campaign into a memorable, participative storytelling experience.

2. ASUS’ partnership with Gio San Pedro 

ASUS’s partnership with Gio San Pedro stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. Gio, a celebrated tech influencer on TikTok, brought his authentic charm to an ASUS unboxing video, a straightforward yet impactful approach.

What set this collaboration apart was not a complex strategy but the perfect alignment of brand and influencer. Gio’s credibility in the tech community and his TikTok following made him an ideal partner for ASUS. His unboxing video resonated with both tech enthusiasts and the wider audience, showcasing ASUS products in a relatable and accessible manner.

The success factors included:

  1. Right Influencer, Right Audience: ASUS’s choice of Gio, a trusted voice in the tech space, ensured that their message reached a broad, yet targeted audience.
  2. Simplicity is Key: By keeping the campaign straightforward, ASUS highlighted the product’s features without overshadowing them with an overly complex narrative.

ASUS and Gio San Pedro’s partnership demonstrates the power of selecting the right influencer to authentically engage a wide audience, proving that sometimes, simplicity can be the most effective strategy.

3. Nido’s partnership with Saab Magalona 

Nido’s collaboration with Saab Magalona is a masterclass in targeted influencer marketing. Recognized for her relatable insights into motherhood and parenting, Saab was the ideal partner for Nido to connect with their primary audience: mothers. As an influencer, she has a strong and established brand that aligns perfectly with Nido’s values; an aspirational, down-to-earth mom that’s here to help other moms out.  

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The campaign centered on addressing a common parenting challenge—encouraging kids to drink milk. Saab’s video seamlessly integrated this narrative, demonstrating how children could enjoy Nido, resonating deeply with fellow parents facing similar struggles. This approach was not only practical but also emotionally engaging, showcasing a real-life solution in a family-friendly context.

Screenshot of an Instagram filipino influencer partnership post with Nido

Key elements of the campaign’s success were:

  1. Relatable Content: The video addressed a significant pain point in parenting, offering a genuine solution with Nido.
  2. Emotional Appeal: The charm of a “cute kid video” coupled with practical parenting advice created a compelling, shareable content piece.

Nido’s partnership with Saab Magalona highlights the effectiveness of using influencers who not only resonate with the brand’s target audience but also authentically align with the product’s value proposition.

4. Raiza Contawi and Gabbi Garcia as guests for Lazada

Lazada’s decision to feature Raiza Contawi and Gabbi Garcia in their popular series “Expert Yan” is a shining example of influencer marketing done right. In an episode dedicated to beauty tips, these two brought their unique flair and expertise to a platform already seasoned with success.

“Expert Yan,” in its third season, had established itself as a reliable source for insights across various domains. The inclusion of Raiza and Gabbi, both revered in the beauty and lifestyle space, added an extra layer of appeal to the episode. 

Screenshot of a successful filipino influencer partnership with Lazada

The success of this episode hinged on two critical factors:

  1. Influencer Appeal: The respective fan bases of Raiza and Gabbi provided a significant boost in viewership, as fans were excited to see their favorite influencers on a well-known platform.
  2. Consistency: Lazada’s commitment to maintaining the quality and relevance of “Expert Yan” across seasons has built a loyal audience base, who tune in for trusted advice and tips.

Raiza Contawi and Gabbi Garcia’s guest appearance underscores the power of combining popular influencers with content that resonates with the audience, further enhanced by the consistency and reputation of the hosting platform. You can watch the full episode on Facebook here.


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