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The Face of PR’s Future: Takeaways from the 2023 Regional PROI Meeting

Take a deep dive into the PR Organization International event held recently in Bali, Indonesia, and discover its game-changing impact on the future of the PR industry in the Philippines! 

The Public Relations Organization International (PROI) Worldwide is a league of 90 entrepreneurial communications firms in more than 65 countries. They’re agents of change that combine forces with one goal at the forefront: to solve each of their clients’ PR-related problems. 

In line with this, the PROI recently held their annual meeting in Bali, Indonesia that included individuals and executives from the top PR agencies across the Asia Pacific region. Among them were two of our very own: our Account Director Claire Misalucha, and our Content Development Lead, Beejay Castillo

Entrepreneurial leaders 

At its core, the PROI Worldwide is a dynamic collective of trailblazers and entrepreneurial leaders in public relations. PROI agencies are hand-selected, bringing to the table a unique entrepreneurial spirit that fuels innovation and creativity. The members share resources, best practices, and cutting-edge industry intelligence to elevate the services they provide to an enviable benchmark.

PROI embodies a strategic alliance of 90 independent PR firms from more than 65 countries, each one a leader in their respective market. This assembly of agencies doesn’t just follow industry trends; they set them. They steer the global conversation on public relations and shape the future of communication with foresight, expertise, and a proactive approach to the ever-changing demands of the digital age.

These firms tackle a vast spectrum of communications challenges with a common thread: an unwavering commitment to solving complex problems. They offer a full suite of services, from crisis management and brand strategy to digital marketing and media relations, all while maintaining the agility and personalized touch of an independent agency.

Inspiration after innovation

The PROI’s annual meeting is the Oscars of the PR world, where thought leaders and innovators come to share, inspire, and drive the future of communication. In turn, everyone better understands the trends that shape not only marketing and communications but the world at large.

In this prestigious event, Claire and Beejay represented M2.0 Communications and were the company’s ambassadors to the ever-evolving dialogue of global public relations.

The annual meeting is a testament to the power of unity in diversity, celebrating the shared passion for excellence and a mutual commitment to shaping the future of public relations.

Beyond the business card exchanges and formal handshakes lies a deeper value: inspiration. Witnessing the innovative strides and achievements of partner agencies fuels a shared ambition to transcend traditional boundaries. 

The discussions primarily tackled some of the most riveting and relevant topics in today’s PR landscape, such as the dual-edged nature of automation, the transformative potential of generative AI, and the strategic importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, along with exploring the evolving role of Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Coming home with lessons learned

Overall, Beejay and Claire shared that the experience was a great opportunity for branching out, sharing their knowledge, and exposing themselves to what other PR professionals in the region do. The strategies that others employ, how they tackle problems, how they approach certain situations–all that and more, leading to a deeper understanding of how it all works. 

In particular, the event also discussed the fact that among all these diverse PR firms, common challenges still exist. While there may never be a catch-all solution to them, an important thing to keep in mind is the fact that the answer to each problem still lies in each person’s hands.

“PR is here to stay, but we have to innovate and look at how we can level up our services so that we can stay relevant in the ever-changing landscape of communication and media,” Beejay stated.

The Face of PR’s Future: Takeaways from the 2023 Regional PROI Meeting featuring Doy Roque, Rica Oquias, Claire Misalucha, Beejay Castillo
The M20 Communications Team at the 2023 Regional PROI Meeting<br>Left to right M20 Communications CEO Doy Roque COO Rica Oquias PR Account Director Claire Misalucha Content Development Lead Beejay Castillo

When it comes to key takeaways, Beejay also highlighted one thing: the importance of people in the success of an agency. 

Today, it might be tempting to turn to AI for any problem, any job, or any bump in the road. While new technology does make certain aspects of the job easier, a person’s role in the industry should never be underestimated. 

Engaging employees and nurturing a shared vision are fundamental in steering the collective effort towards success,” Beejay noted.

He emphasized the significance of unity—’para lahat magtutulong-tulong sa pagkamit ng success‘ (so everyone works together to achieve success). 

In the current landscape where AI tools are everywhere, it’s the human element that infuses communication with that special ingredient—be it in leveling up discourse, sparking creativity, or imbuing our narratives with deep-seated meaning.

With this, both Beejay and Claire highlighted how excited they are to apply their new learnings to their work from now on. 

M2.0 Communications is a public relations agency that helps brands creatively tell their stories. We offer services, including PR advisory, reputation management, influencer marketing, and video production. Visit our work to learn more about the brands we collaborate with.

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