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Mental Health Influencers to Follow on TikTok Now

A list of a few of the most popular mental health influencers worth following on TikTok as of May 2023.

At a time when mental health has become increasingly important, TikTok has emerged as a platform for professionals to share their expertise and offer support to millions of users. Some of the top mental health professionals there utilize the platform to break down complex concepts, provide actionable advice, and foster a sense of community for those struggling with mental health issues. 

This listicle provides a list of experts who each brings their unique style and background to engage and educate their followers on a range of topics, from anxiety and depression to self-care and professional development:

1. Julie Smith, M.D. (@drjuliesmith)



🌈 You have to see this if you have anxiety. Golden rules below👇 • You don’t have to start with something overwhelming. Pick something that feels challenging but manageable. • If you can stay in the feared situation for as long as possible your body will habituate to your environment and calm over time. • During that time use self-soothing skills to help you through it. • The more you repeat a behaviour the more it becomes part of your comfort zone. • Allow fear to be with you. Don’t push it away. • Avoidance is the number one thing that feeds anxiety and makes it worse over time. So if there is something that you want to master but it makes you anxious, do it as often as you possibly can. • Learn how to use basic skills to calm the mind through the body (see book for detailed description of this). What is that thing you’ve been avoiding because it makes you anxious? 👉For more detail on how to tackle anxiety, see the link in my bio for my no.1 bestselling book, Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? (Currently -50% off @ £8 inc delivery see link in bio). Filled with insights from therapy about how to deal with real life problems. If don’t want to read it and would like me to read it to you, it’s free when you sign up to Audible link in my bio 😉

♬ original sound – Dr Julie | Psychologist

Dr. Julie is a clinical psychologist and author who shares “life-changing insights from therapy”—mainly tips on how to cope with anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health issues. Unique to her content is her use of simple visual and tactile aids to effectively deliver her messages and keep her viewers watching till the end.

2. Riyan Portuguez, RPsy, RPm (@yourmillennialpsych)



Replying to @araneta000 Ang sama ng pakiramdam ko tapos may gantong comment. 2023 na. 💀 #edutiktok #eduwow

♬ I have this thing – Emily (ekelleydesign)

Riyan is a licensed psychologist who creates content that advocates for mental health, sharing small to big ways her viewers can care for theirs. She takes on a mentor or counselor role for her viewers by actively responding to their questions with healthy advice, while also inviting potential clients to book her professional services. Additionally, she shares knowledge and motivation for other aspiring mental health professionals. 

3. David Puder, M.D. (@dr.davidpuder)


Dr. David is a psychiatrist and podcaster. He makes straightforward TikToks that educate his followers on various mental health topics, touching on them via common and relatable premises. Through his content, he empowers his audiences to check in on their mental and emotional resilience so they could more easily improve their overall quality of life.

4. Elle Malana (@elle.malana)



Reply to @reynreynnnnnnnnn don’t hesitate to ask me if u need advice on how to get psychiatric help! 🤗 #mentalhealthawareness #medstudentph #medschool #depressionanxiety

♬ original sound – yt: Elle Malana🎀 – IG: elle.malana 🎀

Elle is a registered medical technologist, 4th-year med student, and mental health advocate. With her more mature and experienced take on medicine, she guides viewers through both the technical and emotional aspects of the practice. She also uses her wide knowledge to answer FAQs of common health concerns among her followers, ranging from diets to female reproductive health.

5. Justin Puder, PhD (@amoderntherapist


Dr. Justin is a therapist and psychologist who invites viewers to “cry and laugh” through his content. Using a mix of trending audio, clearly labeled and subtitled videos, and relatable humor, he keeps audiences engaged while presenting them with an array of mental health and positive psychology topics. TikTok as a platform offers a valuable opportunity to connect with experts who can provide guidance and even go-to support in times of need. While social media is not a substitute for professional therapy or counseling, these creators can serve as a helpful starting point for understanding mental health issues and seeking further assistance.

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