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Social Media Campaign and Social Media Strategy for Facebook of Ogalala

How Ogalala’s Digital Campaign Promotes Modern Parenting

Positive Parenting Through Nurturing


Let’s Start With the Basics
As one of the brands under Internationale Global Marques Inc (IGM), Ogalala advocates the importance of different teaching methods. The company offers a wide selection of toys and play products that promote unconventional but effective education.
Motivated by their push for fun and holistic learning, Ogalala sought a partner who could help further their cause and guide family members in the development of their child.


Addressing the Learning Curve
Because of how user-friendly and accessible Facebook pages are, M2.0 Communications created a digital campaign for Ogalala to help the brand engage with online communities. The communications agency laid the groundwork by creating the MOM SOS page, a space conducive for sharing tips on modern parenting and active play. The platform would serve as a support system for moms.
Approximately 71 percent of moms agreed that motherhood is more difficult today than it was 20 years ago. Kids can be a handful, and parents don’t always have the answers. As such, the site provided a guide for those who needed a hand.

The page showcased interactive content like Ask segments as a way of encouraging participation from its fanbase. M2.0 Communications made sure the page featured informative material about its products and how they can help parents maximize their children’s learning abilities.


Well-Earned Stars for A Great Job
Ogalala and M2.0 Communications set out to grow the brand’s fanbase, with a target of 10,000 for the first year. After a year of working together, the Facebook page gained 20,874 new fans. The account benefited from a 12 percent engagement rate—a good five percent higher than the average figure of other retail pages.
Beyond strengthening the brand’s vision of making learning fun, Ogalala became the go-to parenting advice resource. The initiative served as an avenue for the brand to widen their reach and build on their relationship with Filipino moms.