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An Effective Digital Campaign for the New World Makati Hotel

Braving the New World of Digital


A Warm Welcome Through Social Media
As social media grew more and more popular, hotel brands struggled to create a stronger online presence. Some of the major players in the hospitality industry already had dedicated fan bases who consistently give great reviews.
Despite being an established name in the Philippines, New World Hotel only had 700 followers on its official Facebook page.
It needed to implement an effective digital campaign for it to keep up with the fast-paced world of social media.
New World needed to do more than just post content on Facebook. It had to create and foster a deep connection with its customers online.


Capturing Timeless Moments
To address this challenge, New World decided to work with M2.0 Communications which is highly specialized in social media management services.
The plan was to move away from the typical posts that boasted the features and amenities of a hotel. In order to do that, the team focused on the special moments that people shared inside New World—families bonding, a well-deserved spa session, and friends catching upwere shared to pique the interests of the hotel’s customers.
M2.0 constantly asked fans to share their thoughts to ramp up the page’s engagement. Key executives even held a Q&A session through the in-FB app to put a face to the credible and trustworthy image of the hotel.
A Whole New Digital Experience
The campaign was a breath of fresh air from the rest of the industry’s standard product-centric posts.


Establishing Genuine Interactions
New World started with 700 followers on Facebook—way behind its competitors. With the Philippines’ love for social media, the agency knew the brand had a ton of potential in creating a substantial following.
Their Facebook page gained 70,000 new fans by the end of the campaign. New World now had fans who were more than just subscribers–they were fans who had genuine interest in the brand.