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Social Media Strategy of B. Braun

B. Braun: Building a Healthier Brand on Social Media


Finding the Cure for Social.

B. Braun, one of the leading healthcare companies in the country, wanted to connect with its customer base through digital channels. Facebook, being the top platform in the country, was the perfect avenue for touching base with B. Braun’s consumers.

However, the brand had one problem: people with health concerns didn’t really come to Facebook to look for solutions. It reached out to M2.0 Communications, a PR and social media agency in the Philippines, to figure out how the brand would connect to clients in a natural, unforced way.


More than Just Medical Machines.
For many, Facebook served as a platform for seeking advice and recommendations from friends. In fact, HubSpot revealed that over half of consumers aged 18 to 44 used Facebook to catch up on lifestyle stories and content. Armed with this knowledge, the M2.0 Communications team recognized the potential of focusing on health and lifestyle content.

The social media agency understood that healthcare solutions didn’t always have to be presented in a serious manner. By adopting a casual and relatable approach, B. Braun could become that trustworthy friend on Facebook whom users turn to for advice. Instead of solely discussing healthcare, the team initiated conversations about fascinating everyday topics.

A Friend in B. Braun.

To kickstart the strategy, M2.0 Communications adjusted their tone to better resonate with the community. They shared specialized content centered around health and wellness, delving into subjects such as healthy eating, exercise, and dieting. The social media team made sure to establish connections between B. Braun’s products and the everyday medical concerns of people, offering practical tips and guidance.

To maximize effectiveness, the team carefully aligned their content calendar with seasonal celebrations, synchronizing it with the Department of Health’s calendar to ensure posts were timely and relevant.


A Healthier Digital Brand.
Thanks to the campaign, the B. Braun Facebook page grew to 10,000 fans–a big leap from 700 when it started. By posting content that resonated with the market, the brand was able to form strong connections with its consumers. This means that a good social media campaign can make a difference in building a company’s online reputation. In fact, B. Braun had more fans on Facebook than any other medical supply company in the Philippine market.
The page enjoyed a nine percent engagement rate—vastly exceeding the five percent industry standard. At the end of the day, M2.0 Communciations and B. Braun were able to build a ‘healthy’ relationship with its customers in the digital space.