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Social Media Agency | Client Paseo Verde at Real

Digital Campaign for PVAR: An Affordable, Green Community


A Dream Awaiting Fulfillment
The Cavite Ideal International Construction & Development Corporation (CAVDEAL) developed an affordable, green community called Paseo Verde at Real (PVAR). It was to become an accessible, eco-friendly condominium in Las Pinas for early nesters, first homeowners, and working professionals.
With PVAR’s new towers soon to be completed, CAVDEAL chose to partner with M2.0 Communications and implement a digital campaign that would spark the excitement of young Filipinos looking for their perfect home.


Envisioning the Ideal Home
People didn’t buy condos with just the unit in mind, they take into consideration the lifestyle and benefits that come with it. This would be the big idea to drive the campaign. And since the target market included early nesters, first homers, and single professionals, our social media agency in the Philippines knew that highlighting health and location were key.
With this direction, the team would then focus on making the PVAR brand accessible in the most critical channel. In 2016, 48 million Filipinos–almost half of the entire population–were active social media users, according to a We Are Social report. Facebook was the go-to platform for the campaign since majority of them were there.
Sharing the Lifestyle on Social Media
Our social media agency used two channels of communication for the campaign: the official website served as an information hub, while social media platforms were utilized to connect with and engage potential clients.
We implemented geo-targeting strategies to optimize searchability. Content-wise, the agency established three key pillars:
Pillar 1: The first pillar showcased lifestyle content, offering followers and fans a glimpse into the rewarding experience of living at PVAR.
Pillar 2: The second pillar emphasized the location’s advantages, highlighting its proximity to CBDs, schools, malls, hospitals, and churches.
Pillar 3: This pillar focused on showcasing PVAR’s eco-friendly features and amenities.
At the time of the campaign, a McKinsey study revealed that approximately 66 percent of millennials were willing to spend more on sustainable brands.


A Dream Realized
Starting with a target of 20,000 fans, the brand’s Facebook page successfully amassed 31,000 likes. The engagement rate skyrocketed to 43 percent, significantly surpassing the industry average of five percent.
Website traffic experienced a substantial surge, with monthly unique visits soaring from 235 to 5,000—an impressive seven times the industry average of 597. This influx of visitors translated into real-life open-house attendees.
In the end, CAVDEAL achieved its goal of providing affordable and environmentally-friendly communities to young Filipino families.
43% increase in Facebook engagement rate 5,000 unique website visitors per month.