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The NBA 2K League APAC Invitational Shows Philippines’ Thriving Esports Industry

Over 95% of internet users in the Philippines play video games, making it the number one country in the world when it comes to the number of active gamers. The Philippines is poised to become a leading hub for esports in Asia, benefiting from increased online connectivity and a shift toward recognizing gaming as a legitimate industry. Hosting the NBA 2K League APAC Invitational in the country is proof of that. 

Esports, once confined to smaller spaces of gaming enthusiasts, has now become a dynamic and competitive domain that captures the attention of a diverse global audience. Its rise can be attributed to several factors – technological advancements, widespread internet access, and a growing community of dedicated gamers and supporters.

The NBA 2K League APAC Invitational held in the Philippines stands as a pivotal moment, showcasing the country’s enthusiasm and commitment to competitive gaming. This underscores the nation’s growing significance as a key player in the global esports landscape.

“We’re thrilled to stage our third APAC Invitational in the Philippines, which features a fanbase whose passion for basketball, the NBA, and NBA 2K resonates in every corner of the country. The level of talent in the Asia-Pacific region is incredible,” says Lindsay Ullman, Head of Business Development of NBA 2K League.

Eight teams consisting of 40 players from around the APAC region came together at High Grounds Café, Quezon City to compete for $5,000 and a chance to qualify for the 2024 NBA 2K League Draft.

Game Changers

The tournament was not just a showcase of skills but also how esports fosters fierce competition. The intensity in the venue was brought about by players getting hyped by one another, and there was no shortage of shouting and taunting. When all was said and done, teams shook hands in the name of sportsmanship. If there’s one thing you can’t deny about esports players, is that they’re highly passionate—a big reason why the industry is as popular as it is today. 

For NBA 2K, maximizing reach was a top priority. Tasks such as media management, registration facilitation, interview coordination, and content development were crucial in ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for participants and viewers alike. M2.0 Communications played a pivotal role in spearheading these efforts.

As the esports industry continues its meteoric rise, it becomes increasingly apparent that it’s not merely about playing games but building communities, fostering talent, and providing a platform for careers to flourish. The NBA 2K League APAC Invitational is a significant step forward to this trend, highlighting the vital role that esports plays in shaping the future of sports and entertainment.

The NBA 2K League APAC Invitational stands as a milestone in this journey, setting the bar high for the country’s esports scene and inspiring countless aspiring players to shoot their shots.

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