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Explainer Videos: The Key Recipe Every E-Wallet App Needs

Explainer videos allow viewers to retain up to 95% of the information, a wide margin in comparison to 10% retention when reading it in text. For e-wallet businesses, using this format offers a powerful way to clearly and effectively introduce their services to a broad audience.  

Explainer videos are a big deal in the world of e-wallets and digital banks and for good reason. Research shows that 84% of viewers who watch an explainer video end up buying the product, websites with videos keep visitors around 88% longer, and 81% of marketers say videos have directly increased their leads and sales. It’s clear why these videos are catching on. They break down the tricky stuff about e-wallet services, making it easier for people to use them. Plus, they’re a fun way to boost interest and trust. Who wouldn’t want that?

In this article, we’ll highlight the key features of explainer videos that help e-wallets communicate their services to a wider audience.

Simplified Concepts

Explainer videos are essential for simplifying e-wallet technology and making it accessible to potential customers. Translating technical jargon into everyday terms, such as referring to “contactless credit cards” as “modern no-swipe credit card terminals,” encourages target customers to engage with their services. Similarly, by using animated visuals to demonstrate how e-wallets work for mobile payments, viewers can quickly understand the concept. Clear, concise language focusing on the main features and benefits of e-wallets ensures the audience stays engaged. This approach helps businesses effectively communicate the value of their e-wallet offerings, allowing potential customers to easily digest the information and consider adopting these convenient digital solutions.

In this straightforward video from GCash, the e-wallet app explains how users can process transactions online. Using motion graphics, animated text, and upbeat music, it breaks down the step-by-step process, making it easy for new users to understand and adopt its services.    

How to use GCash? | GCash Explainer video

Engaging Content

Engaging visuals and sounds are crucial in e-wallet explainer videos to maintain viewer interest and enhance the overall experience. Selecting visually appealing images and animations that demonstrate the functionality of e-wallets, combined with music and sound effects that set the right mood, makes the content more enjoyable and immersive. These elements not only capture and hold the viewer’s attention but also aid in conveying information more effectively. By captivating the attention of the audience, these brands can amplify understanding and lead to a more impactful and memorable viewing experience, thus effectively communicating the benefits of e-wallet technology.  

Credible Branding Identity

Explainer videos are vital for building credibility and trust in the e-wallet and digital banking sectors. Ensuring accuracy is key; this involves fact-checking by researching, consulting credible sources, and collaborating with industry experts to verify the information. Misinformation can harm the platform’s reputation and lead to distrust among potential users. Equally important is maintaining professional quality through high-standard visuals, engaging imagery, and well-designed animations. Investing in professional production enhances the video’s impact, creating a positive impression that attracts new users and encourages loyalty. By focusing on accuracy and quality, e-wallet platforms can effectively communicate their reliability and value to potential customers.

A great example of credibility is this How-To video from prominent Filipino Fintech content creator Nicole Alba. In this video, she breaks down the process of using, a Philippine-based crypto company. This 10-minute video offers comprehensive guidance for new or prospective digital wallet users. Nicole’s understanding of her audience shines through as she segments her YouTube video into chapters, allowing viewers to easily navigate to the specific information they’re seeking.   

COINS.PH Wallet | Explainer Video

Timely and Relevant

Understanding the target audience’s needs and interests is crucial when creating explainer videos for e-wallets and digital banks. To make content that resonates, businesses should conduct audience research through methods like surveys, interviews, or social media monitoring, asking pertinent questions like “What features do you look for in an e-wallet?” or “What are your concerns about digital banking?” By analyzing these insights, videos can be tailored to address specific needs and concerns, thereby effectively communicating the benefits of e-wallets. This approach builds trust and establishes a connection with potential customers, ultimately increasing user engagement and adoption rates.

Visuals at its Core

Visualization is key in explainer videos for conveying the functionality of e-wallet services. Whether it’s using animated graphics to illustrate the step-by-step process of transferring money or showcasing security features like encryption and biometric authentication, visuals make complex concepts accessible. They eliminate confusion, engage viewers, and provide a clear understanding of how digital payment solutions work. 

Take a look at this Maya video. In this explainer, the e-wallet’s credit system is detailed while encapsulating its visual branding identity. Maya positions itself as the future of digital banking in the Philippines, a stance reflected in its use of modern design trends like 3D models, high-contrast colors, and sleek sans-serif fonts. This shows that a brand can be both educational and aesthetically pleasing.   

Easily pay your Mata Credit bill on the app! | Maya Explainer Video

Modern Education

Explainer videos are an effective tool for engaging and educating potential e-wallet users, simplifying complex concepts into accessible visual explanations. By illustrating the safety features of e-wallets, such as multiple layers of encryption and authentication, and showcasing their convenience through aspects like cashless payments and loyalty programs, these videos can overcome skepticism and resistance. Incorporating data, testimonials, or real-life scenarios can reinforce the benefits, demonstrating how e-wallets simplify daily financial interactions.

Effective CTAs

In crafting an effective explainer video for e-wallets, a compelling call to action (CTA) is vital. It serves as a guide to prompt viewers to take specific steps, such as downloading the app or signing up for an account. A strong CTA must be clear and action-oriented, like “Download our mobile wallet app today and start enjoying convenient, secure payments at your fingertips!” Adding incentives, such as “Sign up now and get $10 in free credit,” makes the offer more enticing. By focusing on clarity, urgency, and rewards in the CTA, explainer videos can lead to higher conversion rates, encouraging more users to adopt e-wallet services for their convenience and benefits.

What’s Next?

Explainer videos have emerged as an effective tool in marketing e-wallet services, simplifying complex concepts into engaging and easily digestible visuals. From illustrating the functionality and security features of digital payment solutions to resonating with specific audience needs and offering persuasive calls to action, these videos have proven effective in building trust, enhancing understanding, and encouraging adoption. By prioritizing elements like accurate information, professional quality, and targeted content, businesses can create impactful explainer videos that can educate potential users and pave the way for a simplified and secure digital financial experience.

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