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5 Environmental Video Campaigns to Watch Now

A 2021 study by Mastercard found that 85% of consumers are willing to take personal action to combat environmental challenges. Different sectors are using environmental video campaigns to raise awareness about the steps we can take to overcome this global crisis.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, our planet is undergoing massive environmental shifts for the worse due to climate change. From rapidly rising sea levels and warming oceans to longer, more intense droughts, climate change is posing a serious threat to global biodiversity. Our collective actions are now more important than ever to stop the tide of this existential crisis.

Awareness is the key to dealing with challenges that require a collective effort. The more we become aware of our environmental challenges, the more we can participate in positive change and take action. Posting videos online that talk about these challenges is an effective method of encouraging participation. Here’s a list of some of the best environmental advocacy campaigns to watch.

1. WaterLight by Wunderman Thompson Colombia & E-Dina

Electricity is a valuable source of power that has opened up economic opportunities and improved the quality of life for many over the decades. For a small fishing village, lack of access makes night fishing difficult if not impossible, puts homes at risk of fire due to candles left lit up overnight, and prevents the community from accessing emergency services, among many other things.

In collaboration with renewable energy startup E-Dina, Wunderman Thompson Colombia developed WaterLight. This innovative lamp uses half a liter of salt water to produce up to 45 days of light.

E-Dina and Wunderman Thompson Colombia partnered with the Wayúu people who face limited access to electricity but are surrounded by the sea, a vast natural power source. With WaterLight, the Wayúu can sustainably harness this abundant resource to power activities such as fishing at night and charging their mobile phones.

2. The 2030 Calculator by  Doconomy

The 2030 Calculator is a universal scoring system that measures a brand’s carbon footprint. Before, such calculations were only accessible to larger brands because of their associated costs. By introducing The 2030 Calculator, small brands are now given an equal opportunity to enhance awareness and transparency.

3. Eurythenes plasticus by WWF & BBDO Berlin

With profound implications for marine life, the issue of ocean plastic pollution goes beyond what was initially imagined. The gravity of the problem is evident in the discovery of deep-sea species already impacted by plastic contamination.

In this environmental video campaign, WWF and BBDO Berlin took a bold step by giving a newly discovered deep-sea species the name Eurythenes plasticus. The decision was to draw attention to the presence of plastic within the species’ body. This symbolic act aimed to highlight the urgent need for action.

WWF and BBDO Berlin launched a multi-channel campaign to rally global support for a binding UN agreement to end the influx of plastic into our oceans. This action aimed to protect marine ecosystems, preserve biodiversity, and secure a sustainable future. By raising awareness and promoting collective responsibility, they inspired worldwide action against ocean plastic pollution.

4. Your Plastic Diet by WWF & Grey

WWF, in collaboration with global marketing and advertising agency Grey, launched a campaign using plastic household objects to highlight plastic ingestion. Research revealed that we consume around five grams of microplastic every week, or 21 grams monthly, or the weight of a credit card. The campaign also introduced a website,, that lets people assess their plastic intake based on their diet. This initiative aims to raise awareness and empower individuals to make informed choices so they can take action to reduce plastic consumption.

5. by AMV BBD & Central Office of Public Interest

Toxic air claims the lives of 10,000 Londoners annually, yet it remains an unseen and disregarded issue. AMV BBDO and the Central Office of Public Interest devised a strategy to capture attention by linking air pollution to a matter of concern: property prices.

The initiative, called, offers every London resident an air quality report for their address to reveal health and financial implications. Homeowners can now advocate for action both locally and nationally. The launch involved a guerrilla campaign across multiple channels targeting the property industry.

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Environmental video campaigns are among the many tools available to inform the public through a visually compelling medium. With 3.37 billion internet users watching online videos, the medium serves as an effective tool to reach a wider audience. Beyond the medium, quality and informed storytelling are keys to effectively and ethically expressing your stories.     

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