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What Makes a Good PR Campaign?

The public relations landscape is constantly evolving. It shifts according to current trends, world events, and more. While it may sound challenging, it all boils down to something that changes based on what people are thinking. 

With that in mind, chalking up what makes a good PR campaign to solely awareness of current trends would be wrong. There’s more to PR than just that, and oversimplifying the process of making a good PR campaign is a slippery slope toward messy initiatives and unrealistic goals. 

So, what does matter when it comes to PR? While there are many aspects to a good PR campaign, it may be quicker than you think. 

1. Timeliness

A good PR campaign works with its audience’s attention. In a world where attention spans are becoming more and more of a commodity, it’s now more important than ever to know what people are giving their time to, and how to use it to your company’s advantage.

This is where timeliness comes in. Applying current trends to your strategy is called trendjacking, and can make or break your PR campaign. 

Think of it this way: nobody is going to pay attention to last month’s news. But if your campaign taps into what everybody was talking about today or yesterday, expect more people to pay attention. 

2. Specific audience

Looking into current trends is all well and good, but where do you start? At times, it may seem like there are too many hashtags and cultural shifts to keep track of. This is when you start thinking of the specific audience you want to target. 

What appeals to working adults may not be the same as what appeals to young boys and girls. When developing your PR strategy, keep in mind who the campaign is for and what they may be drawn towards. 

Knowing your audience should guide your strategy every step of the way. With their interest at heart, the rest will easily follow.

3. Self-awareness

Half the battle is already won once you are aware of current trends and have a specific audience in mind. No matter how bulletproof you may think your campaign is, never lose sight of the fact that there’s no way for your company to be flawless. 

Self-awareness is key in tempering your expectations. This starts with knowing what your viewers may think of your company beforehand. If you understand your company’s weaknesses, then you can create a PR campaign that effortlessly moves around them rather than falling into them.

4. Authenticity

Anyone can look up instructions on how to craft a great PR campaign. It doesn’t take anything special to follow in the footsteps of already successful brands. Companies that do this, however, may find that their campaign ends up falling flat. Why? 

Perhaps the most important tip is to keep in mind your company’s authenticity. Simply doing what other companies have done for their PR campaigns may not work, as what works for one may not work for another.

Stay true to the core values of your company in crafting your PR strategy, and you may find that making an impact will come easier than you think.

PR campaign examples

That said, it’s still important to read about real PR campaigns to gauge what really works. Take a look at some of these successful campaigns: 

1. PayPal


For this campaign, we conducted a comprehensive digital audience analysis study involving 500 respondents that identified how consumers go about digital payments during the pandemic. 

The study became a platform for PayPal’s PR campaign which established them as a brand that Filipinos can trust in the industry. 

More about the case study: Digital Audience Analysis for PayPal’s PR Campaign



In working with UNICEF, we were able to help them market and organize World Children’s Day–the first one since the world came to a halt during the global pandemic. The event ended up garnering a significant media value of 27,501,258

More about the case study: PR and Event Management for UNICEF World Children’s Day

3. Haier


In a year-long campaign, we aided Haier in boosting its brand awareness through media events, reworking its social media personality, and overall redefining what the brand meant to Filipinos.

More about the case study: Boosting Haier’s Brand Awareness Through PR Solutions

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