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#MedTwitter: Medfluencers and the Art of the Tweet Thread

Picture this: it’s 7 am on a weekday. You’re getting ready for work, however, that may look to you. Maybe it’s sitting at a table, finishing up your coffee. A long, crowded commute, sandwiched between other people. Perhaps even lying in bed, having just turned on your phone. 

Whatever it looks like, you have an idle moment. You’re checking Twitter to get your mind running when you suddenly stumble upon an enticing tweet from a medfluencer. Without thinking too much about it, you’re pulled into a thread, reading each attached tweet with effortless, eager interest. 

This is the beauty of tweet threads. Now, you’re all caught up on the latest research in medicine–all before 9 am. 

Concrete and concise

The above example is not a rare instance. Plenty of experts utilize hashtags like #MedTwitter to share health and medicine-related information with those who don’t have the background for it. Since these topics are usually complicated and may require medical training to fully understand, they use their skills to help others broaden their knowledge.

Thanks to them, those who find their threads are able to keep themselves informed. The art of the tweet thread is one that deals with brevity and economy. After all, to make it easily digestible for others, experts would have to find the simplest, most straightforward way to word information–all while ensuring it’s all still accurate. 

This is not always an easy task, but the result is worth it. Testing shows that tweet threads are more effective than singular tweets in gaining a wider audience. It’s the perfect format for those who want to spread information on an important topic. 

Riding off the pandemic

Given the recent health crisis, the general public is more aware of health concerns and effective communication now more than ever. People want to be updated on the latest trends in medicine, keeping up with what could very well be a matter of life or death. 

This is what led to medfluencers’ rise in popularity in the last few years. Their success is a testament not only to their skill as content creators but also to the fact that people want to see what they’re putting out. Reliable, digestible information is a commodity these days. Thankfully, medfluencers have the skill, media literacy, and dedication to keep up the good fight and spread the word that they think matters.

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