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The 7 Best Pinoy Tech Influencers Taking Over

This is your essential guide to the leading voices in technology in the Philippines today. From innovative DIY projects to relatable tech insights, this article showcases the diverse and influential personalities who are shaping the way we view and interact with technology. 

As we get into 2024, the digital landscape has been more alive than ever, and buzzing with influencers who do more than just review gadgets and dissect software updates. They’re the trendsetters, the trailblazers, and the visionaries who are shaping the future of technology in the Philippines as we know it. To keep up, you have to know who’s on top.

That’s why we’re spotlighting the 7 best tech influencers taking over this year.  Prepare to meet the personalities who are not just witnessing the tech revolution, but are actively driving it. Each of them brings a unique perspective, an engaging style, and a depth of knowledge that both enlightens and entertains. 

1. Elyxirine

Elyxirine started out as a formidable force in the tech influencer arena. She is known for tech reviews and cute gaming set-ups. Her fast-paced editing style gives her audience entertaining videos to look forward to and replay.


unboxing my Samsung S24 Ultra titanium blue 💙 IT’S FINALLY HEREE! I switched back to the S series as my main phone. I started with the S10+, then S21 Ultra, and now I got the S24 Ultra. The improvements and upgrades to this flagship phone are undeniably amazing!! ✨ I’m loving the Circle to Search, the Generative Edit features so far, and the camera quality is really impressive! The images and videos look like they were captured from my own eyes; it maintains the colors, the sharpness even with minimal noise! 🥰💙 part 2 soon~ 💅🏻 NewJeans nails gftd by @Cozynails Ph #samsung #s24ultra #samsungs24ultra #galaxys24 #galaxyai #galaxyzflip5 #epicjustlikethat #genshinimpact @Samsung @Samsung Philippines

♬ Bling-Bang-Bang-Born – Creepy Nuts

She makes sure that her audiences can know all about the complex gadgets she shows off in her videos. You’ll want to follow her if you want to stay ahead in tech.

2. Pinoy Knows Tech

Pinoy Knows Tech” stands out as one of the best guides for tech enthusiasts in the Philippines, especially for those who are hoping to save a bit when buying a new gadget. 

Run by a group of tech-savvy individuals, this channel is a go-to source for Filipinos seeking honest, in-depth reviews on the latest releases. 

What makes “Pinoy Knows Tech” stand out is their focus on value for money. They want to make sure that their followers make informed decisions before investing in new tech, especially since getting a new gadget can sometimes make a dent in your bank account. 

3. Sulit Tech Reviews

 “Sulit Tech Reviews” has become a great resource for the Filipino tech community, with a strong following of over 740k subscribers. This channel specializes in making tech accessible and understandable, particularly for the Filipino audience. 

Their weekly content, encompassing unboxings, first impressions, in-depth reviews, and tutorials, is delivered in Filipino, making it even more relatable.  

By breaking down the latest gadgets in a language that viewers get, they’ve established themselves as a trusted voice in tech reviews, guiding their audience through the often overwhelming world of consumer electronics.

4. Mary Bautista

One person stands tall in the Philippine tech review landscape, known for her comprehensive gadget reviews. If you haven’t heard of her yet, her name is Mary Bautista

With over 1.2 million subscribers, she’s arguably the most influential tech reviewer in the Philippines. Mary’s channel is chock full of information, covering any device you could think of;  From laptops and tablets to earphones and, notably, smartphones. 

Her approachable style and in-depth knowledge make her reviews highly valuable for anyone thinking about getting a new phone. 

5. Tech Builder

Tech Builder, known off-screen as Angelo Casimiro, is a shining star in the realm of tech influencers, especially when it comes to DIY. 

As an Electrical Engineering student, Angelo has garnered a big following on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, thanks to all of his innovative and accessible DIY projects. 

His content spans a wide range of projects, from practical builds like a DIY alcohol dispenser to more creative ones like a smartphone steering wheel. 

6. Carlo Ople

Carlo Ople, a big figure in the sneakerhead community, has also made his mark in the tech world. 

While he’s mostly known for his extensive collection and reviews of the latest sneakers, Carlo has seamlessly extended his influence into tech, showcasing his diverse interests and expertise. Along with sneaker unboxings, his channel also dives into tech, featuring content like what’s inside the $3000 Apple mystery box. 

This unique blend of sneakers and tech makes his channel a go-to for anyone into the same hobbies. For anyone with a foot in both worlds, Carlo’s channel offers a blend of content that’s hard to resist, and his ability to bridge these two worlds is what makes him a standout influencer.

 7. Isa Does Tech

Isa Rodriguez, or Isa Does Tech, brings a fresh and relatable perspective to the tech influencer landscape. 

With her background as a lifestyle editor for a tech publication, Isa combines her expertise in tech with an understanding of everyday user needs. 


First look at the #SonyWF1000XM5 and I’m already impressed! So many features – will talk about more on the next video 👀 Meantime, get these on Lazada, Shopee & Tiktok Shop, link in IG stories! #AD #Sony #SonyPhilippines #ForTheMusic

♬ original sound – Isa does tech

What drives her forward is a genuine want to demystify tech, making it more accessible to a broader audience. You just don’t get true passion like that anymore–it’s reason enough for a follow. 


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