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When Did Publications Get So Good at TikTok?

TikTok, as a platform, is swathed in different kinds of content from all sorts of people. From funny to educational to simply a waste of time, there’s something for everybody on the app. Yet, publications stand out as having content that gets their viewers hooked. Why is that, and how did they get so good at the app?

How long can you scroll down your For You page without running into current news? Or a journalist explaining something going on right now? Somehow, it never comes off as overly preachy when they do it–that’s the unique skill of publications on TikTok.

From concise explainers that break down complex issues to lively recaps of current events, publications on TikTok are demonstrating an uncanny ability to draw in both global and local audiences. 

Rather than presenting news and information in a conventional format, these publications are leveraging TikTok’s short-form videos, eye-catching visuals, and viral trends to communicate ideas in an accessible and captivating manner. 

The result is a refreshing blend of credibility and creativity that resonates with a diverse audience, from tech-savvy millennials to curious Gen Z viewers. As we dive deeper into this phenomenon, we’ll explore how publications are not merely adapting to TikTok but thriving, setting new standards for what modern storytelling can be.

A culture of Chika

The term “chika” goes beyond mere gossip; it encapsulates a cultural phenomenon that speaks to sharing information, connecting with others, and maintaining an ongoing conversation about the world around us. 

It’s less about idle talk and more about a desire to stay in the loop and up to date. This needs to connect and share aligns perfectly with TikTok, where quick snippets of information can spark lengthy discussions, insights, and a sense of community.


Rappler’s highlights: AyunginShoal, AndreaBrilliantes, BLACKPINK’s Rosé, #SB19 | #ThewRap | August 9, 2023 | #newsph #tiktokph #fyp #rappler

♬ original sound – Rappler – Rappler

In this TikTok, for instance, Rappler takes the opportunity to share some of the recent news going on in the country. Nobody wants to be left out. So, people are inclined to watch. 

Journalists on TikTok have tapped into this inherent cultural trait, crafting content that resonates with the Filipino audience’s craving for connection and information. By presenting the news and other essential updates in a way that mirrors a friendly chat, these publishers have successfully bridged the gap between traditional media and the conversational culture that thrives in the Philippines. 

Through engaging visuals, relatable narratives, and a genuine understanding of what it means to partake in “chika,” publications on TikTok are transforming the way Filipinos consume and interact with news and current events. The platform’s fast-paced and interactive nature has proven to be a perfect match for a culture that values staying connected, fostering an authentic dialogue that feels both modern and deeply rooted in tradition.

Trust in the name

With so many different sources, discerning fact from fiction has become a challenging endeavor. It’s hard to tell what’s true and what isn’t, making misinformation a huge threat to online literacy. 

The digital world is rife with fake news, making the pursuit of credible sources more critical than ever. Recognizable names–those with established reputations and a history of reliability–play a pivotal role in this quest for truth. Publications on TikTok, particularly those with widely recognized branding and proven track records, are leveraging this to their advantage.

When a user encounters content from a familiar publication on TikTok, the name alone can act as a seal of trust. It’s not just about the attractiveness of a celebrity or a famous logo; it’s an assurance that the content has been curated, fact-checked, and thoughtfully produced. 

Take this TikTok, for instance. The topic is something on the controversial side, making accurate news on it hard to find. But, since it’s got Inquirer attached to it, the video becomes much more credible at first glance. 

Whether it’s a renowned news outlet or a respected magazine, these recognizable names provide a reassuring anchor in the turbulent sea of online content. That’s why when someone sees a name like Rappler or Philippine Star on their For You page, they’re more inclined to stay and watch for a while. 

Journalists have become acutely aware of the power this trust holds, especially on platforms like TikTok, where content proliferates at an astonishing rate. They understand that their reputation can act as a gateway to engagement, drawing viewers into meaningful dialogue and critical reflection on the topics presented. 

By aligning their content with TikTok’s dynamic format while maintaining their recognizable and trusted identity, publications are successfully navigating the complex digital landscape. They are not only capturing attention but fostering a responsible and informed community of viewers, contributing to a more enlightened and trustworthy digital environment.

Content in action 

In the fast-paced world of digital media, immediacy and diversity of content are not just luxuries; they’re necessities. 

Journalists on TikTok have embraced this truth wholeheartedly, providing a wide stream of content that captures the current moment. From the latest news on pressing global events, an insight into current trends, a glimpse of viral videos, or exclusive celebrity updates, these publications have something for everyone.

Even something like this video from Kara David, one of the biggest journalists in the Philippines right now, can catch the audience’s attention. While she only talks about the history of ketchup, she turns the topic into something so much more interesting that viewers will want to learn more about. 

Its effectiveness is a mixture of her being a recognized journalist, along with the topic itself. You might not want to listen to just anyone talk about the history of ketchup, but when renowned Philippine Journalist Kara David does it? Your attention is on her and only her for the next minute and a half. 

It all boils down to the fact that she (and other journalists) know how to make things interesting. 

Along with this, the ability to update incredibly quickly is another facet that sets TikTok publications apart. With the ease of producing and uploading content, the news becomes immediate, trends are captured as they unfold, and the world is brought closer, all in real time. The platform’s unique format encourages continuous exploration, allowing users to delve into various topics with just a swipe of their fingers.

In this digital age, where attention spans are fleeting and the appetite for varied content is insatiable, publications on TikTok have found a winning formula. 

They have the comprehensive nature of a physical broadsheet compounded with the speed and dynamism of social media, effectively creating a platform that truly resonates with the modern audience. In doing so, they are not only redefining the way we consume media but reaffirming the timeless value of diverse and rapid information dissemination.

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