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Tips to Tap Into Threads, Meta’s New App

The digital realm is in constant flux, shaped and reshaped by the actions of its leading pioneers. When Elon Musk assumed Twitter’s helm, the platform experienced dramatic changes that drew sharp lines between users.

Musk’s alterations, such as limiting tweet length, monetizing certain features through Twitter Blue, and addressing the issue of the platform’s daily tweet limit, have garnered significant attention.

As we’re seeing now, these developments may have been a bit too bold. Some embraced the change, while others began looking elsewhere for their social media needs. 

Unfortunately for Twitter, many opted for the latter.

Enter Meta, a key competitor

Twitter’s controversial changes, such as locking significant improvements behind a paywall, have led to an exodus of users. Once lauded for its brevity and accessibility, the platform now stands on the precipice of uncertainty, its future hanging in the balance. 

But as they say, one platform’s loss is another platform’s gain. In the midst of Twitter’s upheaval, Meta launched a new app called Threads. Threads is more than just a bid to draw in Twitter’s disgruntled users; it’s a powerful statement communicating Meta’s commitment to user satisfaction and platform accessibility.

Threads offers the simplicity of microblogging that has made Twitter famous while avoiding the latter’s pitfalls. Leveraging the platform to boost your brand may be tough for now given its newness. Though you can replicate some aspects of your approach to Twitter, it’s important to take note of the app’s nuances to ensure the long-term sustainability of your social media strategy.

Remember, Threads was supposed to be a better version of Twitter, not a replica. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you explore the app:

1. Twitter Similarities

Twitter is most known for its short-form content. Threads operates in the same way, but support up to 500 characters versus Twitter’s 260 limit. It also allows you to post videos up to five minutes long. 

You can also quote, like, and repost other threads much the same way as with tweets.

2. Synced with Instagram

The current way to make a Threads account is to use your Instagram account’s login details. If the accounts you’re following on Instagram are also on Threads, you are given the option to follow all of them once you sign up.

It’s important to note that privacy settings work separately between the two apps. Thus, your Instagram account can be private while your Threads account is set to public, and vice versa.

3. Algorithmic Recommendations

Threads’ news feed is a mix of recommendations and accounts you already follow. There’s no way to control this for now, but that makes it perfect for you to expand your reach. Your target users don’t have to follow you to see your content. The algorithm can make your brand appear on their feed so long as you post content that’s geared towards them.

4. Missing Features 

Threads is missing some of Twitter’s key features that you may need in your marketing strategy. For one, it doesn’t let you create a “close friends” group to limit who will see certain posts. It also doesn’t allow you to message others directly. This will make it difficult to reach out to users who post about issues they are having with your brand or products.

Still, keep an eye out for future updates. The app just launched very recently and still has plenty of room for improvements and new features.

5. Growing Community

Threads is an overnight sensation with more than 100 million sign-ups in just five days since its launch. As Twitter users—and brands—gradually migrate to the new app, there’s a great opportunity for you to set up shop and grow with your new community.

Many brands and public figures have quickly embraced the app and integrated it with their marketing strategies as soon as it was released. This demonstrates the hallmarks of what makes social media campaigns successful: speed and adaptability.

Convinced yet? Tap into the app’s potential while it’s still hot. Digital marketing is a long and unpredictable game. This sudden shift is a testament to just that.

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