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Shyla Reyes

Client Success

As a PR professional with over 20 years of experience, I’ve pretty much done it all, from working on high-profile campaigns to leading media relations efforts. With 15 years at M2.0 under my belt, I’m proud to say that I’ve worked on projects like the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings in 2015, Smartmatic which was the first ever automated Philippine elections back in 2010, and IKEA’s recent local launch. I’ve also handled clients from both public and private industries, such as health, lifestyle, hospitality, consumer technology—you name it!

Catching me at the office is a rarity, since I live a couple of hours away from the city. But if you do, make sure to chat me up and I’ll even feed you some food I brought from my hometown. I also have a track record for cracking up jokes with officemates, I tend to leave them in tears—of joy, <br> of course.


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